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Posted by Victoria


This week I was offered the amazing opportunity to head down to London and experience my first ever theatre show! Working here atSuperbreak Towers has given me a real taste for everything theatre, and seeing as I’d never been before I was really excited. Phantom of the Opera is one of the world’s most popular stage productions and considered by many to be the greatest of all time, so my expectations were high – I wasn’t disappointed!

I must say, when we arrived at Her Majesty’s Theatre and entered the grand old building, I was taken a back by the sheer volume of people and their clear excitement at the prospect of seeing The Phantom. Although I was excited to be experiencing a show, I wasn’t sure it would be ‘my thing’, but after finding my seat two rows back and centre stage the atmosphere of the whole event began to take over. The theatre itself was cosy yet extravagant, and added to my expectations of how wonderful the evening would be.

The lights dimmed, the curtain raised and the production began. The stunning set design pulled you back into the early 1900’s and from the very beginning I was engrossed in the story. I thought I’d go and enjoy some well-known songs, see a bit of acting and some nicely choreographed scenes, but my involvement in the narrative itself was unexpected. The whole show boasted magnificent staging. From the huge chandelier that flew across the room to the ghostly underground realm of The Phantom, each act was considered to the smallest detail.

Female lead, Anna O’Byrne excelled as the unfortunate ‘Christine Daaé’. With an angelic voice and power and beauty to match, her compassion towards ‘The Phantom’ was believable and she clearly had the audience empathising with her position. Simon Thomas’ performance as ‘Raoul’ was strong and well executed, yet slightly overshadowed by a stand out performance from the man himself, ‘The Phantom’. Marcus Lovett who has taken over the role was nothing short of spectacular. He conducted the turbulent scenes with passion for “Bravo Monsieur”, and drew the audience in with the solemn tones of “All I ask of you (Phantom’s Reprise)”. “Masquerade” has to be my favourite number though. A thoroughly catchy tune and as far as the dancing goes – it was sublime. There was clearly a range of ages in the cast for the choreographed scenes, and thankfully so as the younger dancers were the most talented in my opinion.

A true love story with heartbreak and tragedy, The Phantom of the Opera took my breath away and has ignited a love for theatre that I never thought I would discover. Whether you’ve seen Phantom before or like me, you’ve never ventured to a show at all, I guarantee that sparing a couple of hours to enjoy this outstanding production will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Have you seen The Phantom of the Opera before? Let us know what you thought!

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