Mrs Henderson Presents: The Review

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SuperBreak’s Millie was lucky enough to catch ‘Mrs Henderson Presents’ at the West End, find out what she thought of the show: 

As the curtains went down I was prepared for two things: world-class acting and a whole lot of nudity (classily-done, I must say). Both disciplines were in abundance at Mrs Henderson Presents… The joyous new production follows Laura Henderson, a retired and widowed eccentric with not much time but plenty of money. After acquiring the run-down Windmill Theatre, Henderson realises that the once-successful entertainment venue needs a new lease of life to relive its former glory. Her idea? The Windmill Girls – a glamorous bevvy of beauties set to entertain the masses with their statuesque (and nude) performances.

I was particularly impressed by the quick tempo of the show and the wide range of memorable show tunes. Despite the show having serious undertones, Mrs Henderson Presents retains its sparkling charm thorough hilarious comedic scenes and breathtaking choreography and costume design. Sure to be a hit on the West End stage, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the dazzling Mrs Henderson Presents to anyone.

David Thomas, our resident theatre expert, had this to say about the show: 

‘The stars were out last night to welcome Mrs Henderson Presents into London’s West End. But in many ways it is more of a coming home, telling as it does the story of the famous, and infamous, Windmill Theatre. When Mrs Henderson’s husband passes away she decides to invest some of their vast fortune in a long-cherished dream of running a theatre.  But it isn’t very long before Mrs Henderson and her Theatre Manager, Vivian Van Damm, realize that show-biz is no-biz in the London of the depression.

Here Mrs Henderson makes a quantum leap; if the show must go on, the clothes must come off. Nudity was banned on the London stage in the 1930s, but as an affluent pillar of the Upper Class English Establishment, Mrs Henderson is able to persuade fellow toff, the Lord Chamberlain, to grant a license for nude tableau, the stage equivalent of a Rubens or Renoir nude oil painting.

Business booms, but it is not long before the ‘dring-dring!’ of the cash register is drowned out bt the wail of air raid sirens, as London, and the Windmill, are faced by the nightly bombing raids of the Luftwaffe.  Famously, the Windmill never closed during the Blitz, and it could be argued that England had not one but two secret weapons during the dark days of WWII, the Bletchley Park code-breakers and Mrs Henderson’s Windmill Girls. Both were in the business of uncovering secrets, but I will not reveal anything more about this hugely entertaining and intensely moving story –you’ll just have to see for yourselves.’

Have you seen Mrs Henderson Presents? What did you think of the show? Let us know in the comments below! 

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