Lend Me a Tenor – Review

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Lend Me a Tenor is a musical comedy of mistaken identity, charades and romance. Starring Matthew Kelly and directed by Olivier award-winning Ian Talbot this West End production is already taking London by storm. Head of Theatre David Thomas recently caught the show and in a guest post gives us his thoughts.

Let’s get one thing straight from the start:

This show will not change your life

Musical Comedy doesn’t work like that

What Musical Comedy does do, when it works, is seamlessly weave together laughter and song – so no one ingredient impedes or crowds out the other.

-and then you find yourself being carried head first (or feet first in the toe-tapping numbers) into a world where anything is possible (but not necessarily plausible).

That’s entertainment

That’s Lend Me A Tenor.

And you will seldom find such a talented and brilliantly-drilled cast in any genre, on any stage, in any year.

(Oh and don’t be put off by the “O” word – this is strictly Top of the Ops with Mario Lanza’s “Be My Love” brilliantly begetting this show’s “Be Yourself”).

I repeat: this show will not change your life

It will not make you six inches taller, win the undying love of your partner or reconnect you with a global current of common humanity…

There will be tears before bedtime – only with Lend Me a Tenor they will be tears of laughter.


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