I Can’t Sing! The X Factor Musical Review

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Guest post by Ellen Cole

I Can’t Sing! The X Factor Musical is not your usual mainstream West End production and you don’t need to be an X Factor fan to understand the plot.

A show full of eccentricity and wit, I Can’t Sing! is a multi-media musical which explores the sudden stardom which a reality television show can evoke. After the accidental death of her Grandfather, Chenice (played by the very talented Cynthia Erivo) and her dog, Barlow (Simon Lipkin) are left homeless and poor. Chenice needs money quick, so her love-interest Max (Alan Morrissey) encourages her to audition for the X Factor alongside him. After getting through the first round Chenice’s confidence begins to develop as well as her relationship with Max.


Along with his trusty side-kick Jordy (Victoria Elliott), Simon Cowell (Nigel Harman) seeks to destroy Chenice and Max’s budding romance, as relationships hinder record sales. Nigel Harman excels in performing as a satirical Simon Cowell, Harman has a deeply powerful voice and his rendition of “Fabulous” is a key highlight of the show.

Through silliness and humorous costumes, visual effects and a surrealistic plot, we discover the highs and lows of the music industry: from desperate wannabes to robotic personalities from manipulation to striving for perfection.  Even Cowell and Jordy feel the need to pose even behind closed doors!


The show is performed by an exceptionally talented cast, each providing a thrilling and exhilarating performance as well as ensuring that Harry Hill’s humour is the key focus of the production. Whilst Cynthia Erivo shows the true depth and range of her stunning voice during the show’s main song entitled “I Can’t Sing”.

There have been many mixed reviews on I Can’t Sing!, however this should not put you off from seeing this gem of a production. There is no other show like this in the West End nor is there anywhere else in the country. With an unimaginable and shocking twist at the end, I Can’t Sing! is ultimately a musical about people being swept away by their dreams where the impossible becomes the possible.


Have you seen I Can’t Sing! The X Factor Musical? If so, then let us know what you thought about the show.

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