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We sent Superbreak’s Web Conversion Manager Diane Spence to check out the newest West End show that everyone’s talking about: From Here to Eternity. Looking forward to a night off down in London, Diane wasn’t expecting to have her eye caught by the ex-Pop Idol Cassanova Darius! Here’s what she thought…


Like most people, I love a good musical and am lucky to have seen quite a few, when I lived in London.  So when I was asked if I would like to see and review From Here To Eternity, I jumped at the chance. Now, I have never seen the Oscar winning movie of the same name, or read the book.  All I knew was that Darius from Pop Idol was in it!

Tim Rice’s new musical is set in an American army base at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii in 1941 and follows the lives of G company and the friendships and romances as they unfold.So how was it?


Top class singing, tick!; interesting (and somewhat edgy) story line, tick!; romance; catchy songs; fantastic dance routines; tick, tick, tick! But perhaps the most surprising thing was that I actually developed a little big of a crush on the tall, chiselled and charismatic Darius!

Yes you heard me right.  Without the ponytail and Britney Spears parody, Darius has blossomed into a handsome, compelling and believable leading man. So grab your girlfriends/husband/wife etc (though probably not your kids!) and catch the world premiere before Hollywood discovers our Darius!


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