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After an endless reel of rave reviews, The Book of Mormon is the talk of the town on and off the theatre circuit at the moment. Here’s what our Marketing, E-Commerce and Commercial Director, Darren Neylon, made of the production when he saw it on Monday 25th March…


I was very excited to be invited to see Book of Mormon with Superbreak recently as I’d read all the rave reviews about the show. This musical comedy was created by the writers of the adult animation, SouthPark, and I was in two minds as to whether I would appreciate the humour.


Well, what did I think? In a nutshell, it was SUPERB!   GO…AND…SEE…THIS…SHOW!!!  Anything I say about the storyline or the constant stream of jokes will spoil it for those wanting to see the show so I won’t say much. The brilliant songs, the excellent choreography, the talents of the cast – all combined for a hugely entertaining evening. From the minute the show began to the minute it ended, I was completely absorbed and amused – one of the best shows I’ve seen!

Book of Mormon
‘You’ll never look at Mormons and Ugandans in the same way again’

The show does come with an over 18 age restriction and if you’re easily offended, it may not be your cup of tea. However I personally felt the health checks were over-played. Most of the offensive material was delivered tongue-in-cheek and, in the context of a musical comedy, it was just plain funny.


Book of Mormon achieved cult status in the USA and it probably will in the UK too. Whether it engages with the heart-strings sufficiently to warrant a long run like Les Mis or Phantom is debatable, but nevertheless, this show will be massively popular in the next couple of years. It is certainly a ‘must-see’ and will be the focus of many a social conversation in the years to come. If you want to be in those conversations, I implore you to go and see it. I couldn’t help but think of all my family and friends who would love to see it too!

Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon is currently running at the Prince of Wales theatre near Leicester Square, and following an extensive refurbishment programme in recent years, it was the perfect venue for this show. So, do yourself a favour and check it out with Superbreak, you won’t regret it.  You also won’t look at Mormons and Ugandans in the same way again!

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