Five Reasons to see The Commitments

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Have you seen The Commitments yet? There’s more than a few good reasons why you should…


1. It was one of the greatest films of the early nineties!

Not only was it one of the funniest British films of the decade, it also had that killer soundtrack – the only real shock was how long it took for a stage adaptation to come along. When The Commitments finally opened in the West End last year, it was met with a great deal of anticipation – and no-one was disappointed. Faithful to the film (and the book, on which both are based), it’s simply a joy to spend some more time with Jimmy and the rest of the gang. If you’re yet to see it, don’t miss out!

2. It’s a show with a whole lotta soul…

The music in The Commitments is extraordinarily easy to fall in love with – not only is the soundtrack made up of the absolute crème de la crème of soul music (in the story, Jimmy’s idols are Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett and James Brown) but the performances are utterly breath-taking too. Every musical theatre fan will tell you, when you know the music it’s very easy to make a connection with the show; with timeless songs like ‘Reach Out I’ll Be There’, ‘Think’, ‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine’, ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ and, of course, ‘Mustang Sally’, the West End has never sounded quite so funky.


3. … and it’s got great heart too.

There’s no doubt that the story of a ramshackle group of musicians who swear a lot and hang out in dingy pubs doesn’t sound quite as touching as the show’s romantic Irish cousin Once – but it is heartfelt in its own way. More than anything, The Commitments is genuinely uplifting; a feel-good stage show that will not only have you singing along, but rooting for its underdog heroes too.

4. Roddy Doyle is a bit of a genius…

The original 1987 book brilliantly captured the youthful energy and verve that passion for music inspires – it was an instant classic. Not only is the story dramatic, at times heart-breaking and at times incredibly joyful, it’s also simply very, very funny. Doyle resisted adapting The Commitments into a stage show immediately after the success of the film and that has proved to be a masterstroke; the show remains as youthful and fresh and exciting as ever before.


5. It’s our Theatre Show of the Month for August… and we have some great offers!

The fifth and final reason you should definitely go see the show is maybe the most important; there’s no finer time to be taking a short break to London than in the summertime! A West End theatre break is something of a SuperBreak speciality, so be sure to check out our great deals and offers – not least for The Commitments, our breaks (including a hotel stay and top price show tickets) start from under £99pp!

Feeling inspired? Comment below and tell us which West End show you’re off to see this summer!

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