Exclusive Interview with the Stars of The Play That Went Wrong

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I laugh a lot – it’s in my nature. But I’d heard so many great things about watching The Play That Goes Wrong at the West End that I consciously tried to lower my expectations as I entered the Duchess Theatre (I always try to see new shows and new casts with an open a mind as possible). One look around the packed auditorium (for a midweek matinee no less!) and it seemed that my fellow audience members were either seriously engaged in a similar exercise, or they were in the wrong building altogether. I hadn’t seen so many long faces since the last time England made a premature exit from a major football tournament.

I was just about to ask the person seated next to me if they had known the deceased well, when a couple of stage crew came out to enlist audience members’ help in making last minute repairs to the set. Within a very few minutes the Chapel of Rest was transformed into a quivering mass of mirth (with more screeches, howls and bird whistles than the equivalent acreage of Amazon rain forest) as the audience were rocked with wave after wave of rollicking, rib-aching laughter.

It’s fast, and physical, with exquisite comic performances choreographed to perfection – and I heartily recommend to anyone seeking an evening (or afternoon) of first class fun.

Afterwards I went to meet a couple of the cast and entered the spirit of the piece with The Interview That Went Wrong…

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