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SuperBreak’s theatre guru, David Thomas caught up with ‘Dad’ from hit West End musical, Billy Elliot. Here, Deka discusses what it’s like to be a part of the show, and what SuperBreak customers should be getting up to during their trip to London.

Image courtesy of billyelliotthemusical.com
Image courtesy of billyelliotthemusical.com

DT:  “Every year thousands of SuperBreak clients travel to London from every corner of the UK to see Billy Elliot The Musical, but what for you, as a leading member of the company, is the most magical moment in the show?”

DEKA:  “For me personally it is to sit on stage and watch these incredibly talented 12 year-olds performing the number ‘Electricity’.  They are all such brilliant performers, and what is really delightful, out first Billy, is now dancing Swan Lake for real!  And our latest Billy, Nat, what a dancer he is! Then there’s ‘Solidarity’, and the way the choreography combines the miners, the dancers and the police – that has got to be one of the greatest numbers of all time.”

DT:  “It must be terribly exhausting playing such an emotional role as Billy’s Dad eight shows a week?”

DEKA:  “You have to keep it real, to genuinely feel every line, every emotion – otherwise it would feel like eighty performances a week.  From my perspective, the whole story of Billy Elliot is that of a father learning to love his son, and show his feelings towards Billy.”

DT:  “Our SuperBreak clients will be spending two and a half incredible hours at Billy, but what should they do in the remainder of their time in London?  If you had just a couple of days in the capital, what would you and where would you go?”

DEKA:  “I would walk from London Bridge down the South Bank, past the Golden Hind, the National Theatre, Westminster Bridge, probably stopping for a drink outside the British Film Institute. Or I would have a drink at St John’s Tavern, Archway – they also have an incredible restaurant.  London is such a green city.  I was at Victoria Park the other day – so beautiful.  Then you’ve got the Regent’s Canal, Hyde Park and Hampstead Heath.”

DT.  “If you could take a short break anywhere in the UK, where would you most like to go?”

DEKA:  “Either Pembrokeshire or Cornwall.”

DT:  “And for your perfect European short-break?

DEKA:  “Definitely Berlin.”

DT: “Arsenal or Chelsea?

DEKA:  “Newcastle!”

DT: “East Enders or Corrie?”

DEKA:  “Corrie, but of course I’m on always on stage when it’s first broadcast.”

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