Coronation Street stage play looking for West End home

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For once, London audiences will be the ones waiting for a popular show to make its way to their venues, but you might not have to wait for long. I’ve just read that the stage play of the hugely successful soap opera Coronation Street is hunting for a home in the West End to bring it to a bigger audience as part of the show’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

It must have been a real challenge to fit the many plotlines and characters from 50 years of the long-running TV series into a two-hour play, but judging by the positive response the show’s had since it opened on Monday at Manchester‘s Lowry Theatre, ‘Corrie!’ has accomplished this and more :)

Fans of the show won’t have to worry about it missing a beat, as one of the TV series’ long-serving script writers, Jonathan Harvey, also scripted the stage adaptation. You can also look forward to seeing many of the famous faces from over the decades, including Bet Lynch, Gail Platt and Hilda Ogden.

Even though these parts won’t be reprised by their original performers, STV reports that actors such as Simon Chadwick, Katherine Dow Blyton and Matthew Wait have all appeared on the Street in other roles – there’s your seal of authenticity!

That doesn’t mean there won’t be some recognisable faces in the cast though, with the news that Charles Lawson, who used to play the much-loved Jim McDonald, will be providing the narration to link the disparate plot strands together.

And what a plot it is! The play obviously doesn’t want to miss out anything that happened on the Street across more than 7,000 episodes, and we’re promised 39 births, 85 marriages and 123 deaths – now who said Coronation Street wasn’t exciting TV?

I must admit I’m really looking forward to this show making its way to the West End, though maybe it’s worth making the trip to the soap’s home in Manchester to get the more authentic experience!

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