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Ballroom sensation Burn The Floor returns to the West End stage from 6th March 2013. This year the show will star Strictly Come Dancing’s dazzling duo Robin Windsor and Kristina Rihanoff. Robin made it to the semi-finals of this year’s show with celebrity partner Lisa Riley, while Kristina was sadly knocked out in week 5 after her partner Colin Salmon’s foxtrot failed to impress the judges.

Now that Strictly is over the pair are both preparing to take on their new roles in Burn The Floor. At the show’s launch party back in November they gave a Question and Answer interview which revealed why the pair are so excited by their new joint venture. You can read all their answers below.

We sent Superbreak’s Head of Theatre, David Thomas, to the launch party who recorded a slice of the action:

Q&A with Robin Windsor and Kristina Rihanoff:

Are you excited about Burn The Floor returning to the West End?

Robin: I feel very lucky to be invited back to join the cast. It’s like a dream come true for me, especially starring on the West End. I performed in the show from January 2002 until August 2010, so in all I’ve spent nine years of my life with the team, and they’re like my second family. It’s like being called back home. And now with Kristina, I couldn’t do it without her.

Kristina: I am new to the show but knowing that I will have 2 hours a day to dance with Robin and all the other amazing dancers; I am really looking forward to it!

Is it true the show began as a party piece?

Robin: In 1999 it was the format for Elton John’s 50th birthday party.  Our producer Harley Medcalf saw a bunch of ballroom dancers doing a floor show and thought this could work on stage and has since had three world tours. But it was felt the show was more organic and it works perfectly for the theatre. It’s the best ballroom show in the world.

Who/What was your inspiration to dance?

Robin: Growing up I always went to the World Championships to see the ‘best of the best’ professionals, and I thought ‘I just want to be like them!’ And then once joining Burn the Floor, one of those professional couples – Jason Gilkison and Peta Robey – were actually running the company as choreographer and director. They were my heroes so working full time every day for 9 years of my life with was an absolutely amazing experience. And now I get to go back and do it again!

What makes this show different to other Ballroom shows?

Robin: Burn The Floor came before all the TV shows. It was Burn the Floor that made Ballroom cool. This is a show for everyone and that has the ability to get everyone up out of their seats. There is nothing like it on stage. This show provides something for everybody. It goes through the ages of dance, where it came from, where it is now and shows you the dance era by era.

Kristina: It doesn’t matter who you are, your age, where you’re from, when you dance you feel that connection between yourself and the public.

Kristina, are you involved in the design of your clothes on Strictly?

Kristina: On Strictly definitely, but some of the revealing dresses, it’s not just up to me – honestly! But in the competitive world of dancing it’s nothing unusual to wear revealing outfits. If you go to Blackpool World Championships you see all sorts, and they’re much more revealing.

What would you do if you weren’t a dancer?

Robin: I can’t imagine doing anything else. It was what I was born to do, and what I am here for. There is no other option.

Kristina: I started dancing from the age of 5, everything in my life is about dance.

What are the main challenges of the show?

Kristina: I have to lots to learn, this being my first time in the show, but it’s exciting to learn new things and the thrill of being on the West End is absolutely amazing. The physicality is the real challenge of this show because it is so full on.

Robin: As a dancer, if you’re having a bad day you’ll give a completely heartfelt performance. If you’re having a fantastic day you’ll give a vibrant and energetic performance.  So every time you come to see Burn the Floor you will always see a different performance. And that is why people come time and time again.

And why should people come see the show?

Robin: A few years ago a lady came to see the show and things were at rock bottom. She came to visit us backstage and told me that the show was 2 hours of her life where she could forget.  It doesn’t matter how bad your life is, how bad the world gets, I can guarantee you will watch this show and be enthralled and forget all your worries, and that is why people should come see the show.
Do you plan on seeing Burn the Floor? What questions would you have asked Robin and Kristina? Let us know!

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