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Our resident Theatre Guru David Thomas caught up with the stars of Jersey Boys – Michael Watson (Frankie Valli), Jon Boydon (Tommy De Vito), Matt Nalton (Nick Massi) and Edd Post (Bob Gaudio) – to talk all things musical theatre, and get their top tips on the London life in his latest guest interview…


The first time I saw Jersey Boys it was Minus 7 on the streets of New York. That’s how this all began for me, standing in the freezing cold sidewalk in a returns queue full of diamonds and mink coats.

These well-heeled hopefuls had all the money in the world, but they couldn’t get tickets for that Saturday Matinee performance of Jersey Boys.

I got the last return ticket.  It cost SuperBreak a small fortune, because as soon as the lights came up I texted our York office from my seat in New York and said I needed a cool million’s worth of tickets for this fantastic show that was coming to London.

We have probably made our money back twenty times over since that first purchase, but what we don’t know, what we can never know, is how much we have earned from other shows because our guests have had such a fantastic time at Jersey Boys – and have immediately booked to see another show to try and recapture that feeling.

Okay, so I have seen Jersey Boys rather a lot over the past few years, and I have hosted a lot of guests at the show. But the people I envy the most when I host? They are the ones who have never seen the show before. The ones who are seeing the show for very first time and will never, ever forget their first unimaginably magical encounter with this out-and-out masterpiece of musical theatre.

But what about the Jersey Boys themselves?

What do they think about the show?

What is a great night out for them?

I thought it was about time I asked them…

What is your favourite number in the show?

MW: Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

MN: Beggin’

EP: Oh What a Night

JB: For me it’s Sherry

What is the best thing about being in Jersey Boys?

MW: Getting to tell this great story and become a rock icon every night… Not forgetting the great songs!

JB: It’s like no other show in the West End! We actually feel like a band, especially with the amount of appearances we do outside the theatre. The bond between the four boys has to be strong for the story to work, so I guess it reinforces itself the more we perform together.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

JB: The Beatles were a huge influence as a kid, and I’m also a diehard Prince fan.

MN: John Mayer and Gabe Dixon.

EP: Marc Broussard and Jason Mraz.

EastEnders or Coronation Street?

MW: EastEnders.

JB: I don’t get to watch TV! Always working. ‘Sons of Anarchy’ is my current fave.

MN: Family Guy, all the way.

Chelsea or Arsenal? 

MN: Chelsea!

MW: Come on Arsenal!!

JB: Not a footie fan… but I’ll be cheering for England in Brazil this summer!

EP: Moto GP.

What is your favourite place for a UK short break?

MW: Liverpool.

MN: The Lake District.

EP: Edinburgh.

JB: I had a fantastic trip to Scotland on my motorbike last year; stunning scenery, gorgeous weather, no traffic – the perfect antidote to London life!

What is your favourite place for a European short break?

JB: I love the lake district in Northern Italy.

MW: Spain, or south France.

EP: Bordeaux.

If you were in London for just two days, what would you do?

MW: Watch a show, see the Southbank, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace…

MN: High speed boat down the Thames and see a West End show…

EP: Museums… and see Jersey Boys!

What are your favourite places in London for…


MW: Japan Centre… Busaba Eathai…

EP: Goucho.


JB: De Helms, Belgo, Paramount at Centre Point…

MN: Hix Cocktail Bar.


MW: Covent Garden… Carnaby Street.

MN: Westfield Shopping Centre.


EP: Soho.

JB: On stage!


MW: The Southbank.

EP: The London Eye.

What’s your favourite London Hotel?

MN: The Savoy.

JB: I have stayed at The Waldorf a couple of times which I loved, and Soho Sanctum is very special… Loads of towels!

Have you seen Jersey Boys yet? Tell us what you thought of the show in the comments section below!

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