A Little Bit Naughty – Matilda The Musical Review

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MAT_MAIN_IMAGE_300DPIA little over a week ago I was kindly invited to go and see Matilda The Musical at London’s Cambridge Theatre. Having heard great things about the production, such as the huge number of prestigious awards the show has received, I was excited to make the journey down from York to take my place in the audience at the 1930’s venue,  but really didn’t expect the show to make its way into my mental ‘Top Shows’ list. Based on the infamous Roald Dahl’s children’s tale, I thought the show might be a bit too ‘young’ for me.

For this reason it was a welcome surprise when I found myself beaming from ear to ear for most of the show, tweeting frantically in the interval, and singing the words to the catchy and quirky ‘Naughty’ on the tube journey back to my hotel. I was wowed. The witty and punchy storyline, the stunning staging, the mesmerising effects and, most impressive of all, the talented cast soared the show up the ranks of my mental list and I can now call Matilda The Musical one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

From the moment I’d taken my seat in the audience I knew I was in for a treat, with the stage framed by an over spilling of scrambled, oversized scrabble-like letters representing Matilda’s overflowing imagination.

A story about a magnificent young girl who loves magnificent stories, my favourite element to the show was the parallel storytelling, eloquently and imaginatively told by Matilda to her librarian friend. The tragic tale of the Acrobat and the Escapologist mirror Matilda’s own feelings of loneliness, and adds a poignant and meaningful note to the otherwise fun-filled show.

And the fun is found in heaps. The kids in the audience were roaring with laughter as the gang at Crunchem Academy plotted their revenge against the tyrannous Trunchbull. There was plenty of fun for the grownups too, with the ‘Loud’ scene generating plenty of giggles as saucily dressed Rudolpho puts ballroom dance-loving Mrs Wormwood through her paces.

The show has now made it across the pond to Broadway where it recently won 4 Tony Awards, bringing the show’s total up to 47 international awards. On the whole I found show to be fiery and inspirational and can see why it’s been so highly acclaimed, and why it’s been so popular with Superbreak customers taking theatre breaks to London.

Have you seen Matilda The Musical yet? What was your favourite part?

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