Take a Bite Out Of… Iceland

Iceland; synonymous with mind-blowing scenery, bubbling lagoons and, of course, the mysterious Northern Lights. But how’s the food scene in this Scandinavian wonderland? (Spoiler alert: pretty darn impressive) Take a peek at our foodie hotspots and take a big old…

Courtesy of @ReykjavikExcursions on Instagram

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9 Must Do Activities in Reykjavik

When you think of Reykjavik, The Northern Lights immediately spring to mind. However, there are so many other once-in-a-lifetime experiences to uncover in this fascinating destination… especially in the summer months when the lights aren’t such a feature. Below are…


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Destination Unpacked: Iceland

With our imminent goodbye to summer just around the corner, SuperBreak is ready to joyfully skip into the autumn-winter season; and we’re eagerly anticipating the crisp chestnut-coloured leaves, steaming mugs of hot chocolate and woolly-scarf weather! Amid the seasonal shift, we’ve…