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We’ve just launched a new competition where you can enter for the chance to win your dream break courtesy of Superbreak. I’m gutted that I’m not allowed to enter, especially as I know I’d have no problems answering the question – in fact, I’m sure I could do it a million times over although I’d have to work hard to stay within the word count I’m sure. All you have to do for your chance to win is to tell us in 20 words or less what your dream break would consist of. It’s as simple as that and only takes a few minutes, so is well worth giving it a shot.

I’m looking forward to reading through some of the entries, I have to admit. There are several places I already know are going to crop up time and time again. That’s not a bad thing – there’s definitely plenty of good reasons why some places are so popular and I know that I’d love to visit many of them as well. I may be totally wrong of course, but my predictions for some of the most popular spots could include the amazing Australian outback, maybe on an exploration break taking in some of the magnificent Aussie countryside. Similarly, I’m expecting to see a few mentions of Niagara Falls, New York City and the awe-inspiring capital of South Africa, Cape Town. But it’s not just the destinations we’re looking for, it’s what makes them special and makes them your dream break.

If you’ve been fantasizing about heading away on your perfect holiday but the recession has meant that it’s been nothing more than a dream so far, this could be the competition for you. Even if you don’t win, you might get inspired to see if you can make it to your dream destination one day.

Then again, you could be the lucky one! So whether you’d love to lie on the beach in Barbados or scuba diving in the depths of the ocean off the coast of Greece, get in touch and tell us about what your dream break would be! You never know your luck 😀 in fact, I’m off to think up my own dream breaks – thinking about this competition has got me in the mood now!

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