#ParentsFreshersWeek Competition – Our Favourites


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We recently hosted another of our popular competitions over on our Facebook page (haven’t liked our page yet? You’re missing out!), where we asked our lovely fans to tell us all about their  kids’ most embarrassing short break moments to mark another wave of offspring flying the nest during Freshers Week.

Never ones to disappoint, we heard all sorts of jaw-dropping, hands-over-eyes, oh-no-they-didn’t tales of toddler tantrums, loud mouth mini-me’s and plenty of diaper disasters from our fans.

The winning entry came from Melanie K with her story of her little boy’s naming and shaming incident!

“My son shouted out that a lady was peeing in the sea really loud so the whole beach could hear I was ready to bury myself in the sand. She stayed out in the water for a while before she came back lol”

Her entry bagged Melanie £500 SuperBreak vouchers and £200 to spend at JD Williams – well done Melanie! In the spirit of sharing, here are our other top five funniest entries. Get ready to cringe!

Gloria C:

“It’s years ago now, and my daughter was only 10. We were staying in a nice hotel in Spain. She fell and cut herself under the chin. As it was bleeding, I said that I would go up to the room and get her something to put over it. As she loved using the lift she said that she would go. She was very naive, and came down with a sanitary towel attached under her chin, with a loop over each ear, and said “Will this do?” She had no idea what they were meant for !! Now that WAS embarrassing!”

Julie H:

“I’ll never forget being in the penny arcade at Butlins my kids were driving me mad asking for money constantly. eventually I said we’d spent enough and were going, my son turned around hands on hips and said loudly ‘If you don’t give us any more money I’ll tell grandma we saw you kissing daddy’s willy’ talk about mortified.”

Kate D:

“The tears and tantrum which followed an explanation of the bidet during our first holiday to Spain. My four year old couldn’t get over her grief of having “peed in the bum washer”! Now a second year student at uni and will be mortified by my shaming.”

Shelley G:

“My younger daughter, as a toddler, provided my most mortifying memory… We were on a flight back from Greece and she was standing on her seat, in her little summer dress and nappy, playing peek-a-boo with the child in the seat behind when she had the most explosive nappy ever! It shot out of the top of her dress, let alone the nappy. The smell was beyond appalling! Our male steward disappeared, not to be seen for the rest of the flight. A lovely stewardess came to the rescue, with full length gloves and a disposable apron on. She provided a rubbish bag for my daughter’s soiled clothes and we had dozens of packs of wet-wipes thrown at us by other sympathetic parents on board. Another stewardess went up and down the cabin spraying an air-freshener as she went. I am getting hot under the collar just remembering it!”

Christine H:

“My daughter went to school and told all the teachers that for our holiday we had gone to the nudist campsite and beach for a whole week. She was six and I have absolutely no idea where she got that from.”

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