Half Term Competition! 4* Legoland Family Break


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Drum roll please…………Our October Half Term Competition is here! It’s been a couple of months since we did a big giveaway, so we thought we’d treat you all and give you the chance to make this half term, one to remember. With the help of the lovely people at Legoland Windsor and the 4* Beaumont Estate, we’ve put together the perfect half term break for you and your family.

For your chance to win a luxury stay on October 30th including breakfast PLUS four tickets to Legoland Windsor, all we want you to do is tell us about your most memorable family holiday. Whether it was exciting, hilarious, disastrous or magnificent, we want to hear about it! No need to write an essay, short and sweet works just as well.

* Hotel stay is a family room for 4 with the maximum child age being 15. Family may consist of 2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children.

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Simply tell us about your family holiday in the comments section below, and the wonderful people at The Beaumont Estate will pick a winner. The winner will be selected on Friday 18th October giving you plenty of time to get the car packed and let the kids know!

Example: “My family and I were on our summer holiday in Spain when the one and only Gary Barlow came into the restaurant we were dining in! Obviously, the kids were straight over for an autograph to which he kindly obliged!” 

Read the full T&Cs here

We can’t wait to read all about your family adventures! Good luck!

299 responses to “Half Term Competition! 4* Legoland Family Break

  1. Stacey akers

    My fav family holiday was the first holiday we experienced as a family after my husband came out of the army after 13 years. To see my kids smiling and laughing with their dad priceless.

  2. Cheryl Kean

    My family holiday was amazing we saved up for 4 years for it. In 2009 I took my 5 children and partner to Las Vegas, my and my partner got married in the little chapel of flowers with our kids. we then took them for a 3 week holiday to florida… we saved and saved but was so worth it.

  3. Danka Bakic

    My holiday only lasted 5 days but they were the best 5 days i will remember. I took my 1 year old on a trip to New York to surprise my sister who didn’t have a clue we r coming. And to make it so special my little one turned 1 on the way back in the plane.

  4. michelle lintern

    whilst skiing in a prime and very busy ski resort, my eldest daughter decided the red slope was too steep, unclipped her skis and very daintily (she is a ballet dancer) slid down the middle of the slope holding them, oblivious to piste rules and the crowds around her. much to our embarassment she received a round of applause for her performance.

  5. Emma McGuire

    My family have not long returned from Barbados where we spent an amazing two weeks. My husband and I were on our honeymoon after tying the knot in August and we took our six-year-old son with us. The holiday was extra special for my husband as he had lived in Barbados as a child and it had been 13 years since he was out there. It was amazing for him to see all the places he remembered and he even met up with his first girlfriend – they went out for ice cream when they were eight! We have lots of fantastic memories as a family and hopefully one day we will be able to return there again!

  6. tiffany crawford

    camel riding in spain we did nothing but giggle ,our little ones face as the camel did a piddle, screaming with delight as the y rode on their humps bobbing along and looking like humps , we were covered and sand and smelt really bad but what a fab memory of a great day we had

  7. vicki cullen

    Our first family holiday to salou was priceless we saved hard , and on the run up everything that could go wrong went wrong , partners holidays mixed up , delay in passports was worth it to see this kids faces and my partners on the plane (first time every at 25)

  8. julie akroyd

    my own children have flown the nest so now it is the turn of the grandchildren with whom you can do all the things you forgot to do the first time around

  9. Angela Wilson

    Best Family holiday was on a canal boat – we had to lie on the floor daily to top up the oil because it leaked, the steering cable broke and we were going towards another boat so slammed into the bank and then the steering helm literally came off the next day, the fridge broke and we were plagued by wasps – yet we still had loads of fun, laughed at all the things going wrong, and to make up for all the bad bits we saw a Kingfisher for the first time – magic!

  10. Lisa Morton

    My favourite family holiday was in 2012 for my 40th birthday. My family and I stayed in a villa in lanzarote for three weeks. It was amazing and to top it off my partner of twenty years proposed to me!

  11. My Best holiday was with my husband two children and my mum and dad back in 2011 as it was the last holiday I had with my dad as he passed away in the jan after from
    Prostrate cancer at the age of 58,I will
    Allway hold those memory’s close to
    My heart of the walks on the beach
    With my dad or
    Laughing about things that the children was doing,what made it more Special was the last holiday we had together as the holiday they had be4 this one was ten years be4,every girls dad is there hero and he was mine,my story may not be funny but this is what counts,memory’s last forever and knowing I had that to
    Share with my dad makes me happy x

  12. Christopher Jones

    We went to Calleja, Spain last year, it was a fantastic holiday but what really made it for us was when we visited a water park, there were slide and attractions, my wife cried because she got to see dolphins up close and personal which has always been her dream, her face was enough to make the holiday and was truely one we will never forget.

  13. Ailie

    Last summer the four of went to Ibiza with friends. On the return we met Jedward at the airport and they posed for photos 🙂 It was a great holiday!

  14. Laura Harris

    Any family holiday for us is worth it’s weight in gold, as my husband works his socks off all year and we save hard for a break. Whether it’s a week on the South Coast or two weeks in the sun, it means a lot to us.

  15. Lorna

    our 1st family holiday was up north to our lodge north of scotland, amazing weather which was surprising! We went long walks & explored the beautiful countryside. Our son absolutely loved it which was the main thing. We even got to see some wildlife animals in the wild which amazed him.

  16. The best holiday I had with my three children was a camping trip to haven lakeside we stayed in a 4 man tent it was great to spend some quality time with the kids they wanted to go swimming every day because they are proper water babies trying to dry the the towels out every day was a nightmare lol .

  17. Belinda Lawson

    The last holiday myself, my husband and my 2 children went on was an all inclusive holiday to Turkey, this time we went with my sister, her husband and their two girls,. We made full use of the hotels facilities, rest,relaxation and plenty of activities available for all of us… Perfect. The kids got on so well I’m sure they will remember it for a long time. Funniest parts were grown ups shooting down the water slide ( caught on film) and the giant bug dive bombing my brother in law, he screamed like a lady!!

  18. Sarah Forrester

    When my daughter was about 2 our entire family went to Turkey for a holiday – it was great to spend so much time together – and a big bonus for my daughter was that PC Plum from Balamory was staying at our hotel! His tattoos spoiled the illusion for me though !! 😀

  19. Clare Perquin

    We took our family holiday in the North of Holland this year. Set in the forest, it was so beautiful and quiet. My 6 year old son adopted a cat who used to come and visit each day. We used to feed the cat and my son became very friendly with it, so friendly he even named the cat “Goldie”. Up on leaving, we were packing the car and kept heating a meow sound from the back seat. My little boy had packed the cat in his back pack to try and smuggle him home with us! So cute!!!

  20. tina mckay

    our visit to scarborough, our stay at the travelodge, the fabulous weather we enjoyed, fish & chips on the beach and a dip in the sea, visiting Whitby & flamingo land park. posing for pics by the Humber bridge, our trip to the theatre to watch the chuckle brothers, laughing all the way through, queuing up after to get a pic with them, my kids just loved that holiday and always look back and say thanks for a fab time

  21. Paula Phillips

    We like going to Devon as it has plenty of places to visit and some lovely beaches, this year the weather was lovely and we spent a lot of time on the beach and going for walks and having a picnic.

  22. Sarah Clarke-Feltham

    We love going to dymchurch in kent loads to do and it is not too expensive which is great in these hard times and sometimes we also have a day trip to france as convenient for the channel tunnel

  23. jessica newman

    My baby boy was 1 and a half when we had our first family holiday to tenerife he loved it he spent hours in the pool and flirting with the staff, the hotel was great and the staff were very friendly and helpful, I cant wait for our next family holiday when there will be a new addition to the family

  24. Dionne

    Best family holiday was many moons ago at a Butlins Resort and my younger sister got her head stuck in a seaside amusement board (holes cut so you can pop your face into the scene) and my mum having to butter her head to set her free!

  25. Alison Thackray

    We went camping to Sardinia and took our daughter’s friend too, so we all had company on the trip. Sun, sea and sand just perfect, but family holidays are extendable to include friends to become one big happy family 🙂

  26. Had to be when we took the kids to Germany to see all my relatives as my dad is German. We visited his old childhood home in Bavaria, picked blueberries, visited a quarry, swam in an outdoor lake., ate lovely meals and went to dachau to visit the concentration camp museum.

  27. Kelly lewis

    Our favourite family holiday so far has been to Devon this year it was so relaxing lovely views and the kids enjoyed all the things to do on the holiday camp so much so we will be going back again next year

  28. Margaret

    My best family holiday was at Disneyland Paris where I was able to join my grandchildren and children and ride the scary rollercoasters and rides together and enjoy 3 days of perfect fun together.

  29. michelle kane

    my favoutrite holiday was a short visit to turin this year with the children. Culture, food and a fabulous hotel. They enjoyed the egyptian museum and the cinema museum and we enjoyed the food and hotel.

  30. Kerry Brearley

    This year was the first year abroad as a family and my five year old’s first time on an aeroplane. Just seeing the pure excitement on his little face when we took off was priceless.

  31. Sarah Mathieson

    For our family holiday this year we went to France and stayed at a campsite where there was an amazing pool and water slides. Best moment was when my daughter came down the slide for the first time and looked as if she’d swallowed gallons of water then popped up and shouted “again, again!”

  32. Sarah Mathieson

    We went to the Isle of Wight at Easter and it was soooo cold but being British we still had a picnic on the very windy seafront in Ryde we just ate very quickly before our fingers went numb!

  33. Lucy Pasifull

    Our last family holiday was in Devon, camping with some friends. On paper it was a total disaster. It rained so hard that on the first morning I woke up with the tent touching my nose as my husband hadn’t put it up right, my friend’s husband and son got food poisoning and I lost my purse but overall it was a fabulous holiday. The kids enjoyed roaming free and it did stop raining for an afternoon!

  34. Jonathan Wainwright

    Definitely a farm/cottage holiday in Devon when my boys were 5 and 3 years old. Watching them being cased around the farmyard by an over exuberant peacock still brings a smile to my face. If only I’d videoed it, I could have been £250 richer from You Been Framed! 🙂

  35. Jenna earns haw

    Our greatest family holiday was spending out sons first birthday and Christmas at Disneyland Paris where it was knee deep in snow every day an truly magical!

  36. Amy Northcote

    My most memorable holiday was our last trip to Centreparcs. On our first day, after we had unpacked, I went into labour with our second daughter. She was born safe and sound (all 10lb 10oz of her) 16 hours later. It was the only time I’ve been happy to miss out on a holiday.


    This year we had our first family holiday all together! me, my partner, 2 sons & mum & dad went to cornwall to visit my brother. So many precious memories that we can remember forever were made that week & seeing my boy’s faces on their first visit to the beach was priceless!!!

  38. Samantha Eyles

    My most memorable holiday was a weeks stay in a caravan, in Combe Haven at Hasting. Our first family holiday with both our gorgeous girls. May not have been the most exciting holiday but was perfect for all of us.

  39. carol bird

    Our most memorable holiday was definitely a trip to Venice by overnight train, with 5 children and a heavily pregnant mum. Not all of it was fun, but it won’t be easily forgotten!

  40. Melanie Dye

    My best family holiday was this summer when my friend, my husband and I decided to hire a people mover and drive across Europe to Portugal with two five year olds and a baby. It sounds like a crazy thing to do, but we had a ball sightseeing in France and Spain on the way and eating local foods. We finished our journey on the golden beaches of the Algarve, stayed there for four days, before doing it all over again in reverse!

  41. eithna bright

    our best holiday was when as a family we saved up and took our sons to florida for a week they realy enjoyed there time there swimming and going to disney world then we spent a week in texas aroud july 4th so there were lots of fire work displays and other things to see we also took the boys to sea world it was really great

  42. melanie gregory

    my kids are 6 and 5 years old the last time we went on holiday my eldest as 1 and my youngest was in my tummy. We went Dubai the weather was hot and apart from some morning sickness we had the best time my son never stopped smiling.

  43. Gemma Gwynne

    I haven’t been on a family holiday since I was 15 (so 15 years ago) through to different problems. But i now have 4 children and they have been mithering me so now we just looking where would be best for us all 🙂 thanks for holding a fab comp x

  44. Louise Asekokhai

    A great memory was going to a Spanish zoo while on holiday where as soon as you walked through the gates without asking they put a huge live snake over your shoulders for a photo! My sons face was hilarious, he also got to ride on an elephant and stroke giraffes. Happy days x.

  45. Alison McBride

    My favourite family holiday would have to be when we got stranded in Portugal because of the volcanic ash cloud. We were only meant to be there for one week, for which it poured with rain every single day, but the second week when we couldn’t get home was sunny and glorious and the children got an extra week off school 🙂 Happy Days

  46. Aysha Khan

    We had our first family holiday. We all went to Disneyland Paris with the kids and grandparents. The weather was hot and we all wish we didn’t have to come back!

  47. Denise Blythe

    All our married life we took our 4 boys once a year to a Haven Resort (16 years in a row) we always have a fantastic time. We now have 2 grand daughters and last year took them on their first Haven resort holiday at Caister Norfolk. We had another fantastic holiday enjoying spending time together and relaxing. You cant beat a good british holiday.

  48. Helen Martindale-Rooney

    For my 50th birthday my husband treated us to a wonderful holiday to the beautiful island of Bali, the whole experience was great, the best part being elephant trekking in the jungle, so peaceful.

  49. barry sadler

    My best holiday was when I was in Cyprus, Paphos, the tombs of the kings, when my brother caught a lizard in a net my mother and farther brought him.

  50. Jen Fish

    Fantastic summer holiday this year attending a wedding in St Andrew’s (following in the footsteps of Kate and Wills) then moving onto Edinburgh. We were a party of 8 to 73 year olds and we all had the most fabulous time at the fringe. A staycation where the weather was kind and we all had a ball.

  51. Fiona K

    Most memorable family holiday was being taken to America for the first time – it was larger than life and very exciting. We went on the Statten Island ferry and the sight of Manhattan Island brought tears to the eyes. we could not believe we were really there. Had a great time looking after my brother in New York while my parents went out for a meal. A fantastic adventure

  52. Katy C Johnston

    We (our little family that consists of myself, my partner and our little Pinscher!) went on holiday to Portugal for the summer. We spent hours by the river, and on it – Kiara absolutely adored taking rides in the boat with my partner while I looked on!


    Riding on the Bumper cars at Ilfacombe Beach, Devon in the 70’s.Thought they were brilliant as a kid, i was on holiday with my Mum, Dad and brother. Probably thought of dated now, Bumper cars.

  54. Stephanie Tsang

    Our most memorable holiday was a trip to Disneyland Paris when our daughter was 14 months old. It was really special because it was our first family holiday.

  55. Alison McBride

    My favourite family holiday would have to be when we got stranded in Portugal because of the volcanic ash cloud. We were only meant to be there for one week, for which it poured with rain every single day, but the second week when we couldn’t get home was sunny and glorious and the children got an extra week off school 🙂 Happy Days

  56. Nicola lock

    My most memorable family holiday was to the Isle of Wight just before our little boy died. He had a in curable respiratory illness but the fresh sea air made him feel almost well and we were really able to all enjoy our time with him.

  57. caroline martin

    We go to the mother in laws who lives in Spain. This year my little boy came out in chicken pox two days after we arrived so we weren’t able to go out and had to extend the holiday by 3 days in order for the airline to let him fly home. Despite this we had a wonderful time, with long lazy lunches, swimming in the pool and enjoying spending quality family time together.11 3

  58. We took our daughter’s on one of our honeymoons to euro Disney in Paris my daughters were only 2 & 4 we stayed in the New Port Bay hotel in a suite. Which meant the girls slept in the lounge area which had a mini bar in it well we got up one morning to some loud giggles so we went to investigate and found our 2 year olds face smothered in chocolate she had found her way into the mini bar and ate a couple of bars of chocolate all we could do was laugh the look on her face was fantastic so every time it’s her bday (she is now 13) I print the photo off and put it up on our wall to this day it still makes us smile.

  59. Sue Jackson

    I think our best family holiday was camping in France – we’d had a rotten few weeks, my daughter had just had an op so we took kids out of school and booked a spontaneous trip! Didn’t do huge amounts, just relaxing and eating lots of baguettes and brie and using the pool – simply things. 🙂

  60. lisa lewis

    my best memory is of going to a weekend ambulance rally with my mum,dad and sister. we stayed very close to whipsnade zoo and we woke up to the sound of lions and elephants. it was amazing.

  61. Jo Booth

    My most memorable holiday was when my daughter was 18 months old. I was lucky enough to have a small tax rebate, so booked a 3 day trip to Lapland, taking my Dad with us. This was my first holiday as a single Mum with my daughter, and my Dad’s first trip abroad (he was in his 60s and a widow) and it was an amazing holiday. We saw reindeer, went on a sleigh ride and the one and only Santa visited the children at our hotel at midnight. It was such a special holiday, particularly as Dad is now too ill to travel abroad, & I’m glad we had this holiday. I would love to go back to Lapland again 🙂

  62. Jo Dawkins

    I always remember our first family holiday well. We all had sea sickness on the ferry and my 1 year old sister screamed ALL the way there from Calais. I also remember it being cold and wet the whole holiday! Good times! One my parents would probably rather forget. Hope history is not to be repeated!

  63. Jo Dawkins

    I always remember our first family holiday in Brittany well. We all had sea sickness on the ferry and my 1 year old sister screamed ALL the way there from Calais. I also remember it being cold and wet the whole holiday! Good times! One my parents would probably rather forget. Hope history is not to be repeated!

  64. kira cook

    we were on holiday in may 2013 at haven burnham on sea. we took the kiddies to the night life on the way back to our caravan at the end of the night we spotted a park, me being silly i went on the round about my kids spun it and i went flying and bruised my bottom, they all thought it was funny and my partner was crying with laughter. little beggers

  65. Alice Matthews

    Our family holiday was to the beautiful St. Brelade’s Bay in Jersey. It was our first visit to Jersey and we found it a perfect family holiday destination. It was very pretty with wonderful beaches and the vast range of activties and attractions meant there was something for everyone. Everyone was so friendly and the service was excellent.

  66. Louise O'Carroll

    Our family holiday was one where we went and met our new niece, we have family who live in Lanzarote and they added a new member the end of last year so we went in August and met her and she is wonderful, so not only was the holiday fab but memorable as we now have a gorgeous little girl to add to it

  67. stacey

    My favourite holiday memory was when I was a little girl, we used to go camping with my mum and dad and my grandparents. It was such a great fun experience as a child. We used to bath in big tubs my mum took with us and I remember many an evening of my parents and grandparents playing cards and them chanting ‘easy’ if they were having an easy win.

  68. Sharon jones

    Sadly my father in law died last july so weve started taking my mum in law on holiday with us she is such an amazing person she is wonderful with the kids and my best friend! She stayed back at the caravan one day during the holiday we went to the cinema and she wanted to do a bit of home cooking you dont get much of that on holiday! Anyway she spent most of the day doing us a fabulous chicken stew we arrived back to wonderf smells she took it off the hob to plate up and the pan handle gave way and stew spilt all over the kitchen floor we didnt know whether to laugh or cry! Anyway thankfully there was just enough left in the pan to eat! She was such a good sport i would of screamed if i had of done it!

  69. helen d

    My favourite family holiday was in the New Forest camping when i was about ten years old. we stayed in a farmers field and the cows tried to put their heads through the zip in our tent which we found funny. Then it poured with rain all night the tent leaked and i fell off the camp bed into a large wet puddle that had formed in the tent. It was a great holiday which in will never forget!

  70. Sarah Scott

    While on a family holiday in Greece when I was 16 we came across a couple who had fallen off their motorbike. Being the only one who knew any first aid I set about treating shock, a broken collar bone and various cuts and bruises while we were waiting for the ambulance to get to us. As soon as they arrived and I had told them what I had done I passed out and they ended up treating me too!! Very embassaring!

  71. Paul Cooper

    Family stayed in a suite at the brooklands hotel only for one night and then got to sit on concorde at the brooklands museum short holiday but it was memorable

  72. karen ross

    It was a tradition when I was growing up to holiday in Cornwall for a few weeks every summer, now I have a baby off my own we’ve started doing the same too.

  73. Polly davis

    We were in Disneyland Paris during term time and had just come off thunder mountain when my son heard his name being called across the crowds. It was His class teacher! Thank goodness we had asked the school for permission (as had she!) and hadn’t pulled a sicky. I’ll never forget the look of horror on his face though!

  74. Once a spring/summer we try to get out to mid-Wales to visit the grandparents, who have a little cottage in the foothills of the Snowdonia range. While my husband grouses that he can’t get a decent mobile signal, to save his life, I adore the clean, crisp air and beautiful scenery. On one side is the mountains, on the other, the Irish sea. The 6 hour train journey may be perilous, but we wouldn’t give it up for the world!

  75. Once a spring/summer we try to get out to mid-Wales to visit the grandparents, who have a little cottage in the foothills of the Snowdonia range. While my husband grouses that he can’t get a decent mobile signal, to save his life, I adore the clean, crisp air and beautiful scenery. On one side is the mountains, on the other, the Irish sea. The 6 hour train journey may be perilous, but we wouldn’t give it up for the world! Thanks!

  76. Rebecca plume

    The last family holiday we had we went to Skegness with my husband, our daughter and myself. I was pregnant at the time so was a little rest before our son was born! How he is 15m my daughter keeps asking “when can we take Ethan on holiday?” So would be lovely to have a fantastic half term holiday for the four of us how he is old enough to goin in the fun!

  77. Our favourite holiday was going to legoland windsor in 2012 . As a family of 5 we arrived in London to see the preparations for the olympics and then had 2 days at legoland Windsor. It was amazing and the first trip with the kids that were 8,7 and 4. I took hundreds of photos which on returning to our hotel realised our camera was lost. I phoned the park but we never got it back so I would love to go back to recreate the fun that we all had .

  78. Laura Davies

    Our only family holiday abroad so far has been when we went to Menorca in 2011. We had a fantastic time and were lucky to have plenty of sun in May. My little boys still go on about it now and now that we have a new addition to our family ( a little girl) we would love to go again.

  79. Sue Cole

    Couldn’t afford to go abroad this year so went to Butlins at Bognor for a week and everyone loved it, even Dad. Can’t wait to go back again !!

  80. Eve Theophilus

    My favourite hol was in Spain 2013.It was our 1st family holiday with our son who is 4 years, we had not even been in this country, it was so nice and relaxing even with a 4 year old, that when we came home we immediatately booked another hol 4 July 2014 , but this time 4 our wedding, no big party of people coming , just the 3 of us, so our holiday 2 Spain will always remain the reason 4 booking a wedding abroad instead of the big huge 1 at home:)))))

  81. My favourite family holiday was going to Cyprus to get married in Protaras. Loads of family went even my 84 year old grandma. It was my 2 year old daughter’s first trip on an aeroplane and she loved it. Very happy memories 🙂

  82. Camilla Philip

    We stayed in a treehouse in Wales!!! Truly back to basics & wonderful!! Outdoor showers in April…..& it had been snowing!!! Lots of laughter & joy at simple things such as rope swings & paddling in rivers…& bunk beds with rope ladders!! The icing on the cake – tornado fighter jets flew over one morning!!!! A WOW moment!!!!!!

  83. A beautiful week on the the Isle of Skye, not the best weather, foggy and rainy but lots of lovely long walks and good food – langoustine, haggis, ‘neeps and tatties’. Just relaxing and spending time with my gorgeous hubby. But best of all was coming home and discovering that the Isle of Skye had given us the best present of all – I was expecting my first child! Hence my beautiful daughters middle name – Skye.

  84. Kevin Eley

    My favourite memory was at Butlins in Skegness. The weather was horrible and the food wasn’t great, but the kids loved it and I loved watching them smile.

  85. Sherry Owen

    Our best holiday was in Devon, May 2011 🙂 It will always stay in my mind for a few reasons. We had been to the same place the year before and I was in agony due to back pain. I had to sit and watch the kids play as I was in too much pain and very overweight. I vowed then and there I would bring my girls back the following year and we would do everything – swimming (I was too embarrassed to wear a costume), make sandcastles, trampolining, play football and cricket on the beach. Well when we went back in May 2011, I was 7 stone lighter and felt fantastic! We did everything I promised and the smiles on my daughters faces made it more than worthwhile 🙂

  86. beki lacy

    My favourite family holiday was taken earlier on this year and it was my first ever trip to Disney World Florida, it was truly magical and such a joy to spend the time with the people I care about most.

  87. Alison Tye

    Our best holiday was the girls first camping trip to Devon, the freedom of the outdoors and the cosy warmth in the tent…..shame about the donkeys that eeee ooorrred every night haha

  88. Sarah Meredith

    We recently had a trip to Grand Canaria and decided to be adventurous and go on a jeep safari, camel ride and dolphin spotting trip in one day. It was hilarious, scary and amazing in turn, but by far the best bit was my daughters face when a school of dolphins appeared and treated as to wonderful show of acrobatics. She was glued to the prow of the boat the whole trip.

  89. Maralyn Smith

    We went to Wales, my partner and me,
    We took our girls aged five and aged 3.
    We explored lots of castles and climbed lots of hills,
    We had a great time without any spills.
    We caught crabs and fish, it was a really good break,
    The best our family could ever take.
    We had such a good time we’re going again,
    But the money’s so tight that we don’t know when!!!

  90. Danielle Dunn

    My favourite holiday was a brilliant family holiday to turkey. We stayed in a lovely spacious villia with a pool. It was my father in laws 50th birthday. It was so nice to have all the family together in the sun

  91. Victoria Lancaster

    Our best holiday was a stay in a hotel in the shetlands. Weather was beautiful, though not terribly hot, wildlife was fantastic and so interesting learning about their heritage. One day we will go back

  92. Our lovely trip to Scotland this year with our 2 gorgeous daughters. We stayed in a remote cottage with it’s own loch, so quiet and picturesque. You then drove 4 miles down the road and ended up in Stirling, so much to do there, could’ve done another week!!

  93. Kathy Cakebread

    Our recent trip to Chessington was fantastic. The staff at the Holiday inn were lovely and friendly, the food was great and we got treated so well. Would go back at a heartbeat

  94. Caroline Jones

    Just a simple meal about 2 metres from Lake Garda. Fantastic pasta and wine and happy children watching ducklings on the lake. Simple happy family memories!

  95. Janice Crouch

    My first holiday with my husband, only aged 20. We went for a few days in Scotland, borrowed his mams car to drive round. Ok until a bee got into the car. Brilliant memories!

  96. Jamie Butt

    When we celebrated our best friends’ wedding this May with 58 of our friends and family in Cyprus – it was a wonderful relaxed way to get married and we all shared childcare and had beach BBQ’s, did watersports together and made lots of new friends!

  97. Rachel McMillan

    Our first family holiday in wales when my daughter was about 2 – we even took the dog. We – stayed in a caravan and she thought it was the best thing ever loads of places to hide and getting into bed with us as it was a bit chilly !!

  98. Carrianne

    Soaking people on the bumper boats with water cannons !!! My two boys laughed so hard it was brilliant – but they didn’t laugh nearly as much as they’re dad, classic father and sons moment – loved it !!

  99. anne-marie smith

    My favourite family holiday was my honeymoon where we took our 18 month old boy to Portugal it was amazing we all loved it. amazing amazing memories and photos.xx

  100. katrina day-reilly

    It was raining in cornwall and we were camping in a pod but it never phased the kids they were still splashing about in Tamar lake which we were camping at

  101. My favourite family holiday, was this year and a short break to Nickelodeon Land in Blackpool. It was our first “family” holiday, after waiting almost 14 years to be able to have our children, to finally go on holiday as parents was a momentous occasion for us. We laughed a lot, we experienced so many firsts and I cried a lot of very happy tears.

  102. Theresa Cooke

    The funniest memory from my own childhood holidays was when my sister and I were walking along the beach aged 8, We were chatting and skipping along, when my sister jumped in a puddle which just happened to be very deep and went up to her neck. luckily our parents rushed and pulled her out, it was hilarious !

  103. Catherine McAlinden

    My most memorable family holiday was the first time we took my two little ones to Disney, and we took my Mum. We made magical memories on that trip, I will never forget it.

  104. Karen C

    We took our children to Lanzarote and went on the Big Yellow Submarine , my daughter was obsessed with the Little Mermaid at the time and was devastated that we never found Ariel .

  105. Debbie-Louise Birchall

    We took our sons to Cornwall 2 years ago when they were aged 5 and 3. Thir favourite book was The Mousehole Cat and so we took them to visit Mousehole as a surprise. Their little faces lit up when they recognised the places from the pictures and they ‘stepped into’ the book. It was a wonderful moment and they still talk about it whenever we read the book. So I can’t imagine what their faces would look like if they came face-to-face with all of their favourite Lego characters!

  106. Samantha Bradley

    My favourite family holiday was a weeks worth of days out, including a llama farm where I walked a llama down the road and the kids fell in love with some lovely goats. We all had the most amazing time, even though the accommodation was shockingly bad!

  107. Mrs harvey

    Best hoilday ever was the one when we missed the flight to USA son got chicken pox two days before so couldnt go however we set up tent in the back garden and camped out for a week it was so much fun.

  108. Denise Walker

    my favourite holiday was with my husband, two kids Joseph and Hannah and my dad and mom to center parcs – it was lovely and now that my parents have both passed away it such precious memories

  109. jane

    I took my 2 teenage daughters on an amazing non-stop sightseeing weekend in Paris – we saw all the sights and were lucky enough to have amazing weather. It was an exhausting schedule to see everything but there was not one teenage grumble! And my elder daughter celebrated her 18th birthday in real Parisien style!

  110. Angie Hoggett

    My most memorable family holiday was the first time we went to Florida, we went as one big unit with my auntie, uncle, parents. It was brilliant to all spend so much quality time together as most days even though we all live near each other we don’t see each other very much. It was a brilliant holiday which we hope to do again some day.

  111. Steve

    My favourite holiday was last year. We went to Disney World in Florida and stayed at the Polynesian Hotel. The girls loved to dress in their Hawaian skirts and necklaces and practise their dancing with the Disney characters. Oh if only we could go back, but I’ll be paying this last one off for a few years to come!

  112. Hannah Mills

    In 2012 we had scheduled a holiday to Florida with my visually impaired father to fulfill his dream of swimming with dolphins and my two little girls dreams of meeting the princesses of Disney. A week before we flew out my father had a bleed on the brain which caused a major stroke and meant he could not fly. After many tears my husband and I decided to go on and take the children whilst my father recovered in hospital. The holiday was hard for me.. I missed my father terribly and he missed his dream… UNTIL the staff at the park arranged for a video call to my father whilst we were with the dolphins. I was absolutely amazed by their kindness and my it actually felt as if my father was there enjoying it with us! Just shows that dreams really can come true!

  113. Sarah Forrester

    My most memorable family holiday was in the 70’s – we went away to Spain in my Nan and Grandads camper van! They did not tell us until we were boarding the ferry that we were going too ( we thought they were dropping us off in Brighton!!) We had such a fabulous time..stopping at the side of the road to make tea..getting a whole tray of peaches..bringing back home made cassoulet to our tents and my mum being bitten by a spider that left footprints in the dirt – ahhhh… happy memories indeed !! I have a terrible memory as I have had brain surgery,,but that holiday when I was a child was so special that I even remember the b=number plate of the Camper Van !!

  114. vicky turbin

    Sitting in Dad’s campervan with the windows steamed up eating corned beef and tinned peas off metal camping plates while the rain chucked it down. Best meal ever because we were so hungry, we always had fun playing cards and games till the sun came out. Such a sense of timelessness and family fun. Made lots of friends visiting the ‘sunny’ british seaside in that van!

  115. Liz ferguson

    It was a bit of a feat to organise everyone and to arrange, but, our whole family almost took over a Scottish caravan park. It was organised by my brother in law to try to save his marriage to my sister .. he knew this would thrill her, and it did. Thanks to his endeavours, we all had a great holiday. (It didn’t save their marriage, though. He asked her if it was too little, too late. She said, it was enough, but too late!). So, the moral of the tale is, no good, kind deeds are ever too little, but don’t put off doing them!

  116. Sheila Birch

    My best holiday was to see family- My mother died and my Dad gave us some money from an insurance policy. I booked immediately to fly to New Zealand as I had not seen him for 21 years. I had the best time of my life and cried all the way from the flight from Sydney to Christchurch

  117. Alisha Joseph

    My most memorable family holiday was going to Jamaica for 2 weeks with my entire family! It was amazing to visit such a beautiful country with stunning beaches together and just relax and spend some quality time doing the things we always wanted like swimming with dolphins, climbing Dunns River Waterfall and snorkeling….blissful beautiful memories that I will cherish always.

  118. David Fuentes

    Dreams of white, trees of green
    Sight’s of splendour, seldom seen
    Air Con set as a standard
    A driver that won’t leave me stranded
    No children screaming it’s a must
    Prices that don’t make me bust
    A little tipple, don’t be mean,
    Not for the kids, that would be obscene!!
    Shacks of Wood, the finest timber
    Pre-warm stretch, poised and limber
    A family waiting in the wings
    Against the hordes, to live like kings

  119. olivia kirby

    Our best holiday memory was in a caravan in Mablethorpe! My daughter had been in a harness for 6 months to align her hips which delayed her walking. She took her first steps in the caravan and it didn’t seem to bother us when it proceeded to chuck it down with rain every day we were there!

  120. vic chenery

    My best holiday was last year with the kids in Centre Parcs, we all love the outdoors and so had a great time on the lake and exploring the forest, followed by family BBQ and swimming in the outdoor rapids. Great just being together!

  121. Melissa Kelly

    When my kids were younger, we took a road trip in America to find gems and pan for gold. While we didn’t find anything more than some shiny rocks, we had the best fun getting messy and dreaming about the riches we were hoping to find. We still talk about those times. What fun!

  122. katrina adams

    When mum and dad took me to Aruba to celebrate passing my exams and give me a break and one night my dad got so drunk that when he came back to the hotel room he decided he wanted to watch something different to mum and I so he turned over and then put the batteries from the remote between his butt cheeks so we wouldn’t be able (or want) to change channel! My dad is normally a really serious, reserved person so this was quite a turn of events!

  123. We always tend to stay local, so love a good holiday in brean, last time we took the girls to the fair as they are finally old enough and they had the best time, watching their smiles made even the rainy day seem fab!

  124. Karen Bate

    Tenerife this year. My then 3 year old daughter wanted to have a picture taken with the dolphins at Aqualand last year but lost her nerve at the last minute. This year she was so determined to do it as she “is a big girl now” and although she is very shy and was very nervous, she did it. We were all so proud and the photograph now has pride of place!

  125. Natalie Crossan

    My best memory was when I took my daughter away to Peppa Pig World. It’s the only time she’s been away from home (she’s only 2) and experienced complete fun 24 hours a day – we laughed so much, loved it 🙂

  126. nicola aldridge

    it might sound lame but my best hol was just after my mum and dad split up, we had a fabulous holiday in devon in a little place called dawlish warren, i love that place, i love the train running along the coast. perfect in every way 🙂

  127. Diane Jackson

    My first ever holiday abroad turned out to be quite an adventure. We visited Lindos on Rhodes – totally beautiful and relaxing in every way until 10 day into the holiday. My partner was taken ill with a burst appendix and rushed to hospital on the other side of the island. Our excellent rep arranged everything for the extra week we needed before we could fly home. On our final day, the rep (who was by now a good friend) arrived with details of the flight and as I was bringing her a coffee I slipped down the tiled steps and cut my wrist open on the broken cup. Cue another speedy visit to A&E. We did eventually make our flights but we must have looked a sight at the airport – me with a bandaged arm struggling with two suitcases with what appeared to be an able bodied man accompanying me and not lifting a finger to help!!

  128. stacey webb

    We went on holiday a few weeks ago to Devon, we stayed in a lovely lodge on the moors, we took our 15 month old daughter, the dog & my mother & father in law. It rained most of the week but it didn’t stop us having a lovely time, visiting a few farms which my daughter loved & walking on the moors which was probably our dogs favourite part of the holiday. The main thing was it was just so nice to take a break all together & spend some real quality time together which we don’t always get to do as life always seems so busy! I felt like during that quality time I really got to see all the little changes in my daughter that I don’t always notice, she’s growing up so fast!

  129. Bernice Hudson

    The last time I went to legoland I was wheeled around in a wheelchair by my husband as I’d slipped a disc in my back. I was unable to go on a lot of the rides with our son and my fab husband had to push me around and up and down some very step slopes. I’d love to go back now I am more mobile and enjoy the park properly!

  130. Bernice Hudson

    Nov 1st is also our 10th wedding anniversary so this would be a lovely break as a family to enjoy with me being more mobile and thanking my husband fire putting up with me ‘in sickness and in health’ the last time we went to legoland!

  131. Francine

    Alton Towers definitely, I can’t recommend staying overnight in the resort enough! We absolutely loved the fact that we got to go on the rides before the park opened, the staff were extremely accommodating, the hotel rooms are themed, and the restaurant caters to all different requirements, plus there are lots of extras – what a nice way to treat the kids (including the big kids aka us, the parents!)

  132. Louise Anderson

    Our first beach holiday with our two year old little girl – the look on her face when she went in the sea for the first time was just so beautiful.

  133. MikeyG

    Certainly Criccieth – it is a picturesque little coastal town situated in North Wales. With quaint little cottages and tea rooms galore it is a lovely and relaxing place to be. We ate breakfast watching the waves break over the distant shoreline and at night from our bedroom window we marveled at the illuminated, ruined castle perched up on top of the hill.

  134. I won our first family holiday on Heart FM this year. My Father in law nominated our family to win, and we won a lovely week away in France staying in a beautiful Gite! We wouldn’t have been able to go on holiday if it wasn’t for him. So Thank you!

  135. Gaynor brown

    My fave family holiday was last year to Devon it’s where my dad lives it was his 70th birthday so we decided to go down and surprise him I arranged for my brother and sister to come along to and the best thing was even my mum came with us as we were a little upset we have no pictures of us all together all together with the kids to there was 15 of us it was the most amazing party my mum and dad laughed and cried together and we took lots of pictures and treasured memories it truly was a weekend to remember my parents hadn’t seen each other for 25 years but those years just faded away and the memories of that weekend will last forever xxx

  136. chelsea williams

    we’ve only had 1 family holiday and that was 2 years ago, 3 nights in a caravan at great Yarmouth. the kiddies had a fab time, smiles and giggles for the whole 3 days x

  137. Jon Pimm

    Camping in Pembrokeshire earlier this year with my girlfriend and kids, walking, swimming, fishing and chillin’ record crab catch by kids was 92 in one go!

  138. Fiona Haward

    This year we went to Cornwall and as a family decided to join a group surfing lesson. Well we have 2 sporty youngsters, who were soon springing to their feet and riding the waves with many of whoop of delight! Whereas I , a little bit older and less ‘springy’ , spent the day like a beached whale on my board, much to the amusement of the rest of my family. Great fun had by all, (including me) and great satisfaction for the kids that they got do it, and even more that so that they could do something better than their parents!!

  139. fiona haward

    On holiday in Cornwall we decided as a family to join a group surfing lesson. We have two very sporty youngsters who were soon springing up and riding the waves with great whoops of delight. Whereas i , a bit older and less ‘springy’ spent my day like a beached whale on my board. Great fun was had by all (including me) and wonderful to see the satisfied childrens’ smiles that they had mastered the sport, and they could do something better than their parents!!

  140. Gillian Hale

    An elderly relative left us some money when he passed away, so my husband and I were able to take our two sons to the Dominican Republic, where we had been on honeymoon 10 years before. The kids got to meet and be kissed by a dolphin, and visit a local school. It truly was the trip of a lifetime for us xx

  141. Nicola Dudson

    Our last family holiday was to Disneyland Paris, we spend ages saving up to take the kids and it was well worth it. They had an amazing time and still talk about all the rides and characters. My little boy James face when he saw Woody will stay with me forever!! Our most magical holiday to date and the memories will last a lifetime

  142. emma clements

    our best holiday was this year in tunsisa, it is the first year our son who has ADHD has joined in and taken park in activities, without hesistation he did paragliding, jet skiing and went on the ‘sofa’ as it blasted roundthe sea, watching him take part without having to pursuade, negociate or one of us having to stay behind to stay with him was my best family memory so far. he loved every minute.



  144. We don’t really do big holidays but no matter where we go we always have a BIG time. My kids (all 3) like to be the centre of attention – they do the talent shows, the fancy dress, what ever there is to get them up on a stage. We love to have fun as we believe that families that play together will stay together.
    It doesn’t matter where we go it’s how we make the most of it that counts.

  145. Carolyn Bannister

    Most memorable was 3 years ago, my husband and our boys spend 2 days in Windsor for Legoland! DAY 1 – Torrential rain all day, literally bouncing off the paths!, we lasted til lunchtime before heading back to hotel – Youngest son then came down with sickness bug so we were hotel bound until the next day. DAY 2 – As he got over it his brother was then sick, so we never made it back to Legoland. My husband and I took it in turns to get some fresh (rainy) air. Both boys got over their bugs just as we had to head home. boys would LOVE to experience Legoland properly as only memory they have is rain, a couple of rides, and being ill.

  146. Suzanne Gaulton

    Taking our two little children back to the place we used to love going to as a couple – Croyde Bay – amazing to be able to share the magic of this lovely little place with them – even though our 2 year old did fall, fully clothed into a rock pool!

  147. Christine Mutter

    My most memorable holiday was when all of my family went to Portugal. We rented a villa and spent 2 glorious weeks relaxing without the stresses of work. The only other time mh whole family get together is christmas so it was lovely spending time with them like this.

  148. Julie Stickland

    Our favourite family holiday was Christmas in Lapland. Truly magical. Best bit was my three children meeting Father Christmas and watching the lookon their faces.

  149. Rachel Dann

    The best holiday memory for me was when i was 9, on a boat trip in California with my mum and dad and dolphins were showing off right next to our boat! It’s one of my most treasured memories xx

  150. Sarah Morgan

    My memorable holiday memory was when me and my two sisters went camping in weymouth. It was I first time so thing not going to plan already and then the rain started !
    My daughter had just woken up in the middle of a rain & wind storm and she asks “can I have some breakfast please mum” So I go and make her some cereals and tell her to sit under the gazebo and keep dry. She is sat eating her breakfast being really good, and all of a sudden a great big gust came and took the gazebo away and her breakfast and she turned round and said to all of us. Guess that’s finished, so we then all decided to pack up and go home early. End of first time camping.

  151. Danny Clegg

    I think the best holiday we’ve had as a family has been this years.
    What we let happen this time, was we let the kids decide what THEY wanted to do, rather than thinking what they wanted to do.
    We ended up in Devon, in a kids adventure camp, and the rest of the time bodyboarding on the coast.

  152. vash patel

    Our Fav family holiday was to Kenya. We went with my disabled parents who have always wanted to go on a safari. We saw so many animals and as it was during chritmas Santa came on a camel to give my 08 year daughter her present!

  153. Zoe

    On a recent holiday with my sister and niece we visited the beach and the children (both 3 yrs old) wanted to play by the sea. They were inching forwards in to the sea. Just as they got in the sea my daughter held hands with my niece and my niece tripped over. As she went down she pulled my daughter down with her and as they landed in the water a wave crashed over the top of them. Both of them jumped up straight away. One was really upset and the other wanted to do it again! After a quick change of clothes we enjoyed the rest of the day in the town (away from the water!)

  154. Stephanie Whitehouse

    We’d just bought a boat, and spent one of teh hottest fortnights for years on the River Cam. The whole family spent as much time as possible in the water in the quiet tributaries.

  155. Eddie britton

    Me and my little family went whale watching in the Azores, Portugal. We saw lots of whales, dolphins and turtles, really was an amazing experience!

  156. kate andrews

    My fav holiday was taking my niece to Butlin’s in Bognor Regis, teaching her to dive and taking in some of the shows, definately spoilt her that weekend

  157. Jenny Newby

    Our best family holiday was Cuba 2010, The kids had a fantastic time learning to swim, snorkeling, fishing and Generally have a lovely time together as a family. The boys still talk about it now 🙂

  158. Alison Smith

    This year my husband and I took our children on their first ever holiday to the Isle of Wight. They had never been to the beach before their faces when they saw the sea was wonderful, they ran on to the sand, threw off their socks and shoes and ran into the sea. We had a wonderful day, crabbing, collecting seashells and rock pooling. We were lucky enough to do lots of wonderful things during our time, including my favourite visiting shanklin chine. It was a very much needed and wonderful holiday that bought us closer as a family, the memories will last forever 🙂

  159. Paul M

    Blackpool has to be my favourite memory of the best family holiday ever – the weather was even good and the pleasure beach was brilliant fun. Will never forget it.

  160. Opal Webber

    Favourite family holiday was to Benidorm after my husband returned from a tour of duty. Our daughter was only 9 months old at the time, but it was the perfect opportunity to reconnect and have some together time after 6 months apart.

  161. hannah

    My favourite holiday memory was from when I was a child, we used to camp in a field on a pig farm and one night the farmers wife came and collected us so that we could go and see the baby pigs being born. It was very exciting, and I have never forgotten!

  162. Dave Wood

    Have you ever used a composting loo in the middle of a field? I have and it was brill! Have you ever cooked eggs over a campfire that you got from under the actual chickens bums? I have! And have you ever watched a lamb being born? It’s really cool.
    I had an amazing camping trip with Mum, Dad and my little sister (who I call Sissy) at a farm in Derbyshire. It was called New House Farm. I helped dad pitch our tent in a field full of sheep and a horse came over to watch…
    One morning we got up to help Farmer Bob collect eggs, he asked if we wanted a special treat. I thought he said that some goblins were just hatching in the barn. I was a bit scared but I had to be brave for my sister so I went. They were so so cute and fluffy and I got to hold one, Bob giggled and explained that they were goslings (baby geese) not goblins so that was okay!
    There is no hot water so you can get really muddy and Mum can’t make you shower! There are fields to explore, hills to climb and the farm dog to take on adventures. You are never bored amonst the cows, guinea pigs, ducks and other animals. Bob let us feed 2 lambs who did not have Mummy’s (Daisy and Jack) then liked their milk and then followed us everywhere trying to sneak into our tent!
    I had the best time ever helping Dad make fires and toasting marsh mellows, we played games round the fire and read stories till the stars came out. I think you would have a great holiday there too, it is fun for kids and relaxing for your Mum. Just AMAZING!
    Noah by aged 8

  163. josie ryan

    Disneyland Paris in July this year! It was amazing my 11 year old daughter and 6 year old son were fascinated by the whole experience. I must say it was the most tiring break we have ever, ever had (sore feet every night) but there was so much to do that we didn’t want to miss a thing and were on the go all day! we stayed in one of the Disney hotels and it was so nice. I felt like a big kid too and got soooo excited when we saw the characters especially when we had breakfast with them. My son Tommy was so surprised to see mickey walk up to him he dropped his spoon and actually fell off his chair and the whole restaurant was giggling! I think its important to bring out childrens imaginations and this holiday certainly did 🙂 xx

  164. Stephen Dittrich

    Our best family holiday was when I managed to persuade my partner, her ex. and her and her ex’s 17 year old daughter to go skiing, together with our 2 year old daughter. Our daughter didn’t get on at all well in the French kindergarten, so we all ended up taking our turn at baby sitting and I, as the only skiier, got to go wherever I liked – when I wasn’t babysitting that is – as they were all in ski school!

  165. Joanna Arthur

    My favourite family holiday was just a simple one in Devon. It’s over 20 years ago now but it was a rare time when both sets of Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles all came with me, my parents and siblings and we stayed in a couple of cottages by the sea. I was only 7 but I’ll never forget it!

  166. angela betts

    My favourite family holiday was simplicity, togetherness and good old fashioned fun at its best. A camping trip to the highlands spent walking, paddling and picnicking. No frills, just simple relaxing family fun.

  167. Mary Barton

    Well our most memorable holiday was the first time we went away with no buggies or cots our twins had all grown up and was free to run everywhere lol best ever.

  168. Josie

    Last year, with a 2 and 4 year old in tow, we embarked on a European road trip. We sampled Trappist beers and chocolate-smothered waffles in Belgium, had a windmill spotting competition in the Netherlands and splashed around in the German Freibads. My most memorable days were spent on the Frisian Islands, off the north coast of the Netherlands. We spent our days cycling to long, deserted beaches and nights spotting shooting stars in the clear skies. Magical.

  169. chris parham

    busy parents with 4 children we managed to stay 1 night near lego land for a day visit and want to see and stay more would be great for this prize to help us with this

  170. Lisa Hughes

    when my husband & I took our little girl on her first holiday to Malaga & she got to hold a baby crocodile, she still talks non stop about ‘Margaret’ the baby croc 🙂

  171. Samantha Berry

    2 years ago next month we met our amazing adopted son. He is our only child and is the most bright and happy 6 year old. Our first family holiday was last summer in Butlins and to see him smiling and having fun just melted my heart. My little boy lights up our lives every day and not only did we change his life for the better but he changed ours. I want to win for him.

  172. My most memorable holiday was in Greece. We where there as a family and my husband pinched my bum then disappeared whilst at the food section on an all inclusive. I turned around and he was gone. Right time to get Him back, at the next mealtime I thought I’d pinch his bum and disappear just like he did! This I did, a great big hand full and a full on pinch! Oh my god, he turned around and it wasn’t him, this German guy winked at me and smiled.i was mortified. I sat down with my family and explained what had happened, he sat on the table next to us and explained to his family, despite the language barrier we all had a Good laugh. It was so funny and gave us a great memorie at my expense.

  173. lisa williams

    The holiday I that sticks in my memory was to America. We visited the Kennedy Space centre on a glorious sunny morning, By the afternoon we were being evacuated, everything was frantically boarded up and we were whisked to the basement of our hotel as a huge hurricane hit. Scary but an experience I will never forget.

  174. Carol Bradnock

    Visiting Santa in Lapland was magical the look of wonder on both my daughters faces is a memory that will never be forgotten

  175. My husband and our two children who are 9 years and 3 years went to Cornwall this summer. We had a cottage next to the most gorgeous beach and we spent most of our days lying on the beach whilst our children ran around with pure freedom, running in and out of the waves chasing each other. My 3 year old daughter made her first Sandcastle with the help of her big brother and the look on her face was pure joy. Later we would enjoy fish and chips hot out of the paper and watch the sun settle over the cliffs.

  176. Daniel Coles

    After not having a holiday for about 5 years we went on our first family holiday together to the beach at cornwall this year, it was great to see my 3 year old playing on the beach and in the sea for the first time.

  177. susannah southurst

    we’ve just been this year to our first family holiday abroad to Greece, this was really special as we saved so hard for this over the last few years

  178. Mike Sharman

    Any holiday with my partner and our two young children. Location is not important, just quality family time together along with (usually) funny things happening to Daddy!

  179. julie parker

    we took our 2 children and baby to drayton manor on the 5th october 2013 for our wedding anniversary , which was on the 6th october 2013, we usually go to benidorm but couldn’t go this year, was we thought a 2 day break here as a big surprise for my boys would be amazing, we didn’t even tell them until we got there ! wow we had a amazing time , lovely park ,lovely hotel, perfect for children, lovely restaurants . we all had a fantastic time and will return , the children loved my weekend break surprise!

  180. julie parker

    drayton manor was great, surprised my 3 children,we went for mine and my husands wedding anniversary , it was booked at the last minute through super break 5th – 6th october 2013 , we all had a fantastic time hotel was lovely, the food was lovely and the park is fantastic. we didnt even tell the children until we got there , wow they were really excited ,shocked and very pleased

  181. Paul Scotland

    My favourite holiday was my first holiday with my son. We went to Hunstanton in Norfolk.
    The reason it was my favourite holiday was due to my son developing a love for football. As an avid Liverpool fan, I have tried to get him involved by asking him to watch football with me and even signing him up for the tots football scheme – he denied all opportunities and favoured picking up a ball rather than kicking it. However whilst on the beach in Hunstanton, he started to play and it was so amazing – now he wont put a ball down.

  182. Dee Blake

    As a single mum of 4 I take my brood to selsea caravan park and its a lovely time
    Having fun on the beach and in the pool, just being a happy care free fsmily for a week x

  183. Ben Edwards

    Had an amazing week on the party island of Zante, celebrating the last day and getting knocked out in a foam party. Ending up with 5 stitches and in an abroad A&E. Not that I remember much but still a memory to keep lol.

  184. Will Orchin

    I, unfortunately dont have a sob story to try and win the competition. A memorable holiday i had was when i was about 8 going to a holiday park and Pee Wee Herman was the nights entertainment, I got picked to go up the front to sing along with him and some other kids. Thankfully, i refused to go up there with him!

  185. jayne hall

    in august we all went to las vegas and had the time of our life, seeing death valley, red rock canyon, grand canyon all the fancy hotels and attractions on the strip and our 18 year old daughter loved madame tussards it was 115 degrees we enjoyed the lion habitat in henderson and came back with lots of bargains

  186. sarah parr

    My best holiday memory is bathing our baby in the kitchen sink of the static caravan we hired during a seaside break. She had such fun splashing water everywhere soaking us both.

  187. Pauline Dring

    Our family holiday was to a cottage in Cornwall. The cottage was so awful we left early. The owner was Demelza and the children thought she was a witch.

  188. Gareth Bowen

    Our favourite family holiday was Christmas 2004 at a well known holiday camp in Minehead. We laughed, danced, sang, ate and drank(mum&dad only ofc) the whole week. We agreed never to try and replicate it as it was just to perfect.


    Pontins in Blackpool – every September, the 1st weekend after school started, my Grandad and Partner would take me and her 4 Grandchildren + 9 other Family members. One year I must have been about 12 it was just accident after incident!
    Instead of sitting on a coach they decided it would be better to go in the back of my Grandads Brother-In-Laws Transit Van, all the cushions off the couches at home come off and lined the van, there were 4 in the front and 7 in the back – I was in the back, along with Grandad trying to throw Chocolate Peanuts up and catch them in his mouth, 1 cousin throwing up in a bucket and another with bad wind!!! We Looked like a load of immigrants getting out of the back when we arrived!!
    My Grandad bent down to tie his shoe and stood up…right into a metal speed sign and sliced it right open, being the Man that he is he just put his cap on and got on with it…..said he was too big for stitches! 🙂
    Gets the bus down to the Pleasure Beach, me and My Cousin Kelly get on the top deck, next thing we know everyone else is waving to us from the pavement and we are lost!!! A policeman re-united us not long later.
    Blackpool Tower Time and I ended up dropping my new mobile (Nokia with Snake 2 on it!!!) over the balcony on the ballroom 🙁
    To top it off there was a fire in the Starlight Bar in Pontins so we all got evacuated to the Restaurant which was prepped for the next Days Breakfast, lost 2 of my Cousins and everyone started panicking, no problem though, they were in the corner eating Bowls of Rice Krispies!!!

    An absolute amazing holiday that made plenty of memories for us. Can’t wait to make the same (well maybe not exactly the same!) memories with my children 🙂

  190. Caroline Hooton-Picard

    It has to be my earliest ever memory: a wet and windy family camping holiday in the Lake District when I was 2 years old – on the first day, before the tent had even been put up, I fell head first into a masive puddle then got a cold that lasted the whole holiday!

  191. elaine stokes

    My large family went to Disneyland paris, we stayed at the western hotel on site. While in the park 8 members of my family got laser blasters and had a gun fight down main street. Later on in the evening we were sat in the hotel lounge when goofey and pals turned up in there western gear, my family waited till he got to our table and KILLED Goofey!!!!!!! Goofey fell onto the floor and played dead……………………. it wasn’t until 5 kids started crying and pointing at our family screeming that ‘GOOFEY’S DEAD’, that he got up and we all started laughing.

  192. Adam King

    The summer month of August meant a Family holiday
    A weekend filled with sun and fun, laughs and play
    Staying by the beach in a cosy caravan
    Myself, wife, kids; their Granddad and Nan
    Playing in the sea and making castles in the sand
    Smiles all around just as we had planned
    I dream of nights away even when awake
    So a hotel stay and Legoland would be a Superbreak!

  193. Emma McMahon

    My Husband had a motorbike accident in 2011 and his severe brain injury has left him with memory problems and epilepsy. Therefore, no previous family holidays are memorable to him even though we’ve had some wonderful times together 🙁 He still struggles to retain new information but we still try to make things as memorable as possible and take lots of photos as we go. The 4 of us had a few days away in a caravan in May and we made the most of every day. You never know what life will throw at you so you have to cherish every minute you get together.

  194. sarah lee

    My husband was lucky enough to take part in the bong game on capital radio, i had heard his birth date come up which qualified him to enter, i had rung him from a supermarket and he rang and got through, and hung on right to the end winning a holiday to Goa meanwhile i got shopping and returned to car and when i switched on radio i heard chris tarrant saying he had won – i must have looked like a madwoman jumping around in the carpark!!

  195. Emma Wolski

    My favourite holiday was recently in our caravan and our nephews stayed in tents in the New Forest! We took them back to nature as all they know is computers and DS’s and built teepees, went horse riding and loads more! They loved it and we even got a comment “who needs an ipad, we are in the wilderness!!!” Wonder how long this has lasted at home for Mummy lol!

  196. terie galpin

    watching our little daughters fishing off the end of a jetty in Datca, using a piece of string tied to a bamboo cane, with an old spark plug as a weight, thinking they couldnt possibly catch anything…and then they did! A waiter from the beachside cafe came to our rescue,got the fish off the hook and cooked it for their lunch,whtat a fab experience

  197. andrew collard

    our favorite family holiday was when we went to Cyprus on an all inclusive , the kids faces when we told them they could have as much ice cream as they wanted when they wanted was priceless

  198. natalie cooper

    me, my partner and two year old daughter went on our first ever family holiday to Cornwall this year and the holiday memory that really stands out is visiting the minack theatre and watching my daughter make all the visitors laugh and applaud as she stood on the out door stage singing the peppa pig, bing bong song. what really made it so special is the group of rehearsing actors came out from there dressing room in full costume to stand have there picture taken with her. A moment I will never forget.

  199. Katy

    Our first family camping holiday in Cornwall! Our boys were 6 months and 3 and it rained all week, but we had such fun finding things to keep the boys amused and they loved the dash to the loo in the rain!

  200. Caroline

    Our most memorable holiday was in Cornwall, we have friends who own a tiny campsite on a meadow. One particular year, we were given the opportunity to stay out of season. Early in the morning, looking out to sea, just for a moment in the peace and tranquility, it felt like I owned the world.

  201. Maxine Chell

    Pirates and Star Wars a submarine ride, what to go on next we couldn’t decide, spinning spider, Vikings galore. Castles and dragons and a whole lot more! Can you guess where we were yet? I bet you can, we’d love to go back as we’re massive fans!

  202. Nancy Bradford

    Our family was on holiday and staying in a holiday lodge. My daughter was very happy about having her room all to herself (she was 3 at the time). About 8pm she stands up and says “Goodnight Mummy, goodnight Daddy, I’m going to bed in my new bedroom” and opens the door and walks in.. we here “Oh”..she had gone into the bathroom and didn’t want to come out and admit it.

  203. Josie Allen

    In my late teens, my parents squished me and my four siblings into a motorhome and we drove across California – starting in beautiful, bohemian San Francisco and ending at the bright lights of Las Vegas. It was a trip of two halves: fraught with motorhome breakdowns, sibling squabbles and an encounter with a wild brown grizzly bear. When we visited Death Valley – the driest place on earth – it rained! However, my memories are made of the best bits – woodland campfires in Yosemite, the majesty of the Grand Canyon and the razzle-dazzle of Vegas!

  204. Jonathan Horner

    A few years back we went to Gran Canaria. They sell little Cacti everywhere, but I decided I wanted a ‘Native’ one. To retrieve a cactus I hung precariously over a rocky ledge, pulling a muscle and scraping my ankle. We then took a bus journey with the retrieved cactus in the pocket of my shorts. Out of spite the cactus secretly stuck its barbs into my thighs and soft bits. I was unaware of this until we reached the nearby town where we were to disembark. When I stood I screamed in agony attracting the strangest of looks from all around. Hobbling off the bus to a nearby bench I then spent a good ten minutes removing the barbs and a further five removing the remaining ones from the cactus. Victorious we then moved on and entered a supermarket through a turnstile. The cactus in my pocket became trapped between leg and bar and BANG! An explosion of red dye and cacti pulp. For the rest of the first day I walked around looking like I had been shot and for the remainder of the holiday I had a purple leg.

  205. Laura Whittle

    A road trip to Austria with my husband and two girls. My eldest was almost 2 at the time and my youngest was 6 months old. Seeing their little faces when they saw all the snow for the first time was something I’ll never forget.

  206. Sarah Parker

    Our family holiday was going to Wyoming to see my 90 year old grandmother and the Rocky Mountains. We had a great time; white water rafting, hiking, seeing Moose on the side of the road but most of all visiting family and introducing my children to their American relatives 🙂

  207. kelly edwards

    My partner and I took our 2 year old son to woolacoobe in devon this year. It was his first proper holiday and he absolutely loved it! I think the 3 of us had smiles on our faces the whole time. I will never forget his little bum wiggling on the dance floor at the kids club!!

  208. Wendy Tolhurst

    I remember going away to Norfolk/Suffolk with my parents in our caravan when I was about 13. At the beginning of the holiday we went to my cousin’s wedding and then we had days out and explored the local area. However, we were very close to Mildenhall Air Base and the noise from some of the planes was so loud, it would make us jump.

    The funniest thing was when I emptied the chemical toilet for my dad, who always got embarrassed at such things. I went back and told him it wasn’t disappearing and he couldn’t understand it. I went to bed and off to sleep, and was woken about 5.30am by my dad coming into the caravan – he had been worrying all night so had got up early to check everything had disappeared – only to find I had emptied it down the waste water by mistake – so he had scooped everything up with his hands in order to empty it in the Chemical closet!!

  209. Wendy Shippam

    My favourite family holiday was an overnight stay at Alton Towers for my son’s birthday. It was Moshi Monster week and the boys actually believed they met the real Monsters. Magical. 🙂

  210. vicky garrett

    When on holiday with my sister and her family, she attempted to sit on a beach deck chair when she fell through it, it was the funniest time of my life.

  211. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    My favourite holiday was our honeymoon which the kids came on last year. We arrived to find we had been upgraded as a gift from my Dad and we just had the nicest time swimming everyday and even got pulled up on stage during one of the shows… That is a another very funny story I’m not sure I can tell!

  212. Jan Morris

    I’ll never forget our first ever camping trip with my boys (and their cousins). We only stayed about 8 miles from home, but was as much fun as anywhere else in the country. The pure bliss of going back to basics and entertaining ourselves. The funniest bit was climbing into the tent on the first night and seeing a mass of arms and legs in the middle and us deciding where we would sleep!

  213. Clare Wilson

    After not being able to have a holiday for the last 2 years, this August we took our 3 children to Eastbourne for a week. We went to a number of children friendly places (petting farms, activity centres and so on) which they loved but they were most happy hunting for shells on the beaches, walking along the pier and just spending time with us all together.

  214. Josie Allen

    Two years ago my Mum and Stepdad took their 21 children/partners/grandchildren to an ivy clad villa perched above the Lot valley in France. We had an idyllic holiday, spending long, warm days splashing in the pool and playing team games. In the evening we took tunrs to cook dinner and dined outside on a huge table with the sun setting behind us. An awesome setting and unique opportunity to spend time together as a, very big, family!

  215. Dany D

    Our last holiday was a very big treat,
    under the petal isle did my wife and I greet!
    We exchanged our vows under the spanish sun,
    followed by a flamenco show and lots of family fun!
    It was amazing to see our families getting along,
    my wife and I thought it may have gone a bit pete tong!
    From now on family holidays will be a regular thing,
    but next time I won’t be exchanging a wedding ring!

  216. Hayley Louise Colburn

    when we took the kids to Disneyland Paris for the weekend and my son met Buzz Lightyear, the excitement on his face was absolutely priceless, he was also wearing his little Buzz costume, he’d been looking forward to it so much and I’ve never seen him so happy, the weather was awful, it was really expensive, a 10 hour coach trip and aching legs but its still the best holiday we have had purely for that moment x

  217. Paul Witney

    Just last month we visited Denmark and visited LEGOLAND in Billand. It’s such an amazing place and the kids loved it. We would really love the chance to visit LEGOLAND Windsor as well – we are all now devoted Lego fans.

  218. Caroline Kelly

    Going to Hawaii and seeing the sunkn ships at Pearl Harbour- Really moving plus my duaghter was learning about the second world war so relevant to school too

  219. Jenny Long

    Four went to Orlando
    To the land of Lego
    Only to find
    That the intense heat wasn’t kind
    We wilted – left defeated
    Out of a holiday we were cheated
    By a case of sunstroke or two
    Oh the holiday we rue!
    Which is why Britain is great
    For a half term Superbreak
    at the Beaumont estate!

  220. Lydia Houghton

    My favourite family holiday was in a caravan on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall. It was a last minute cheap deal and we really didn’t expect it to be that special, but everything was just perfect – the scenery, the weather, the fish and chips…
    And sharing it with my two gorgeous kids was the icing on the cake!

  221. Joanne Whitworth

    Our best family holiday was the most recent one to florida. Its something I never thought we would be able to do as our youngest son has autism and finds change difficult to handle, but we accomplished 2 weeks at disney and to see the kids faces was priceless …something well worth doing

  222. My three grandchildren jumping from the sand dunes , wind in their hair , the freedom of golden sands , blue sky, a large tortoise, running to hide in the dunes, exotic island ? no, beautiful Camber Sands. The runaway tortoise was reunited with it’s grateful owner and he rewarded the grandchildren with £10, rounding off the fantastic day with lots of ice cream!

  223. Gemma Chantler

    My little girl is only 18 months so we are just starting to build up our family holiday memories. We took her to Butlins for her first birthday and seeing her toddling around the dance floor excitedly to the music and not phased by any of the older, bigger children melts my heart!

  224. Jo Twyman

    My most favourite holiday was some 46 years ago. I went with my grandparents to .we had an estate car and my grandfather had put together something like an awning and my gran and I slept in back of car on a bed of braken. I remember it with such joy and happiness.

  225. maxine

    it has got to be Disneyland Paris when my daughter was 18 months .Mickey Mouse came into the hotel and she ran up to him hugging and kissing him

  226. sam henderson

    my son was 2 and i took him to florida, he loved tigger, so tigger comes out bouncing all over theplace, he got such a fright he statred crying,, so we takes him in to see Cinderalla, who kisses his cheek, he never washed his face for the whole two weeks we were there.. that is all he remembers about florida.

  227. Jacqueline Roberts

    My favourite holiday was in Turkey with the kids.It was wonderful weather, lots of food and such fun watching the kids play in the pool everyday. The best part for me was going to have a turkish pancake with my little boy then laying in the hammock together.

  228. Phil Sherwood

    My family and I were in Keswick in the Lake district.I enquired in the tourist centre about a nice gentle family amble with spectacular views.The assistant advised ‘Dodd Hill’.This so called doddle up a hill turned out to be a massive uphill incline in the heart of the forest.Like a scene from ‘Beau Geste’ my weary troops Olly 8 and Ben 6 were literally being pushed and pulled by my wife and me whilst issuing motivational and inspiring anecdotes in order to reach the 1500 feet summit overseeing the panarama of the Solway firth.With only mountain water and some digestives to give sustinence we turned boys into men.We trudged our way up windy paths amid frequent cries of ‘I cant go on’ and ‘just leave me…need water…cant go on’.We did it though and what an achievement.

  229. Kate Sabin-Burns

    My last holiday was to Caenarfon in Wales. We explored the town, and the castle, which was great fun. The kids loved it! Then we headed out to a beach a little further out, and had fish and chips by the sea. Its a beautiful little town, and the whole area is lush! I love Wales!


    We have yet to make our family holiday memory as due to finances with have not been able to take our little one away yet, so our family ‘holiday’ was a wonderful summer of playing in the garden and swimming in the paddling pool – best holiday ever……so far 🙂

  231. pauline byrne

    my best memory is when me and my buetiful daughters went to spain my cousin also came with us , we decided to go to the water park sorry cant remember the name anyway we were having a fab day even tho im scared of the water as I cant swim I thought be brave and go down this big slide in a rubber tyre so I sat in it went down loving it but when I reached the bottom I fell thor the tyre and nearly drowned my cousin and my kids thought I was waving at them as they were waving back when in fact I was waving for help loool luckily the man jumped in and saved me haha we still laugh about it to this day ohhh and I got soo burnt but it was the best holiday ever xx

  232. lisa fitzgerald

    Ireland this summer with all the family. We got married over there with our children and a lot of the family came over too . We all holidayed together for a week after meaning my children got to spend time with their cousins in a seaside resort so there was just lots of old fashioned family fun even if it did rain a lot!


    Our best holiday was a caravan trip to walton-on-the-naze, we had the best time by the sea, in the clubhouse disco’s, crabbing too! We also made some lifelong friends which was wonderful and we made a pact to meet up, every year which we still do. I highly recommend uk caravan holidays, they are cheap, outdoorsy, safe, everything We want in our holiday. Our last trip was spoiled on the way home due to our car being wiped out on the M25, luckily we got out safely.

  234. karoline latchman

    Our family was to Orlando to celebrate a milestone event. My boys loved every single thing from the rides and the burgers to the Disney parade, but for me the best bit was my 4 year old meeting Winnie the Pooh. He hugged him so hard and believed, it was worth every penny just for that one special moment

  235. Caroline Robson Beck

    My favourite family holiday was our “Familymoon” which was taken as our honeymoon earlier this year. We took the children to Drayton Manor Park and Hotel for two nights. Seeing the children’s faces when we pulled into Knapford Station in Thomas Land was priceless. They loved the carousel more than any other ride. The photos have happiness and magic beaming out of every one of us. The children loved meeting the characters in the hotel and then seeing them again in the theme park. Making memories full of magic and adventure is a precious gift to give all my family.

  236. Our Best Holiday – our time away with family in Argyll. Paradise at the end of a one track road. We rarely get time together, but when we do we load the cars with boots, books, booze and buckets. We ate well, slept well, and for one week left the world of work and school behind.

  237. Gabriella Reho

    Our holiday is always back in Hungary to visit the family. Last summer we spent 10 days with my sister and her children. I have a 5 years old son who loves his cousins. We spent a few days being around the pool in the village outside swimming pool. My son loved water, but only if his legs touched the floor. So he spent a lot of time in the kids pool where his cousin joined him. He has twins cousin, 11 years old and they already know how to swim. So one day I though I go and swim a little bit in the big pool. When I went back to the kids pool my sister said look at Zeev (my son) and he was swimming (with armband) under the water, copying his cousins.Ever since Zeev only goes to the big pool and he is having a swimming lessons now, he swims without armband in the deep water.

  238. Denise Jeffreys

    The last holidayI had with my 3 children at Camber Sands was the worst. They were aged 15;13 and 5. My 15 year old refused to join in with anything and spent the whole time in the caravan on her own. My 13 year old refused to sleep in the bed but slept on the sofa and moaned at everyone else for waking him up in the mornings and shouted at the 5 year old for putting the tv on. Neither of them wanted to go to the evening entertainment which I wanted to go to as I felt in need of a glass of wine by the end of a stressful day of 3 children that wouldn’t mix Peacefully together. .

  239. Elizabeth lemin

    Camping in Wells next to the Sea in Norfolk, fresh fish and chips in the harbour, dropping crablines into the water and catching a few crabs, a ride back from the harbour in the dark on the little train – very exciting for the children, endless games of Uno and hot chocolate by the light of the camping lantern, and a spectacular walk to the toilet block in the middle of the night with my stepdaughter with the most amazing canopy of stars in the sky due to the lack of light pollution!

  240. Claire Butler

    I always love going to Haven Burnham on Sea , we been lucky with the weather and a great base to explore a beautiful part of the country with loads for kids and great food and cider locally

  241. Carolyn Montgomery

    Cornwall when the children were 4 & 7, just the right age to appreciate the lovely beaches there. We stayed on a farm and they were able to ‘help’ with feeding the animals which was an added bonus

  242. My best family memory is when we stayed in a caravan in remote part of Spain during a heat wave. We had no TV, a very tiny pool and gatecrashers in the form of the local dogs and cats, but we had so much fun every second!

  243. My best family memory is when we stayed in a caravan in remote part of Spain during a heat wave. We had no TV, a very tiny pool and gatecrashers in the form of the local dogs and cats, but we had so much fun and enjoyed every second!

  244. when my husband and i was courting we always went to north wales camping, loved it so much in those days, went back a few years ago for the day, oh my, it has gone so down hill, quiet upsetting really. mind you , lol, have no desire to camp out these days

  245. alison c

    I haven’t got children of my own , but in may this year i took my mum and 4 year old nieve to orlando – was really a trip of a lifetime !! made more so as i never thought i would get to experience a family holiday – we stayed in a seaworld resort which was truelly amazing – the food the weather the people it was so great – brings tears to my eyes remembering it.

  246. Kerry-Ann Pope

    This year for our family holiday we took our two little boys along with my Dad to Disneyland Paris, stopping at Longleat Safari Park on the journey up to the Euro Tunnel. The whole family was super excited, more so because Grandad was coming along for the trip too. My dad is a taxi driver and has a large people carrier, so it was perfect to travel in all together for the long journey.
    On arriving at the monkey enclosure at Longleat we were all giggling at the cars directly in front of us performing a u turn in the middle of the road in order to avoid the enclosure, as well as the cars emerging from the enclosure with missing window wipers and door trims.
    We proceeded to drive through and our little boys were completely in awe of the little monkeys and we were “lucky” enough that a mother and her baby climbed on top of the bonnet for a lovely close up glimpse.
    Upon leaving the enclosure we heard a small thud, and turning to look we noticed passengers in the next car pointing at our car roof. My Dad pulled over to double check and discovered his taxi plate had been clean ripped off the rear of the car.
    All the time we were giggling at the mischievous monkeys when they were in fact having the last laugh at our misfortune.
    Seeing grandad and one of the safari workers chasing the said monkey to try to retrieve the metal plate was something else, when he eventually discarded his treasure it had a nice monkey sized bite mark on one edge.
    Continuing on to Disneyland Paris, we had a amazing holiday, but our little boys will never forget and are still talking about those naughty monkeys at Longleat.

  247. Laura Pritchard

    We missed a ferry back from Taronga Zoo to the city when we were visiting Sydney – to kill some time we wandered down to a little beach overlooking the harbour. The sun was setting and the whole of Sydney was lit up, the purple, yellow & orange sky over the Opera House was breathtaking and I felt like the luckiest person alive.

  248. Vicky Robinson

    My most memorable holiday was when we went to Turkey in 2006 with a view to it being a long break, having a bit of fun with the kids & doing a bit of travelling. I went with my hubby & kids, one was a very new baby & we were having a really fabulous time until my hubby got really ill & ended up in hospital in another resort. It was a total disaster. I was so worried for him & had to move resort with the kids to be closer to the hospital but the new hotel was still miles away & a really long walk & I could only visit once a day. In the end my hubby had to be emergency repatriated to the UK, so cut the holiday short & not a nice ending to it for my hubby. It hasn’t put us off Turkey as we still would love to go back!

  249. laura avery

    My eldest son when we took all 3 sons to haven last year being brave enough at last (5 years old) to go down the swimming pool flume on his own..took ages but we and the swimming guard heard him singing the dr who theme tune at the top of his voice lol..funny boy x

  250. vanessa humphries

    When I was six I went to Tenby with my entire extended family. I can always remember (and I have photos to remind me) my Nana sitting on the beach every day wearing her coat and knitting. It never fails to make me smile.

  251. joanne farman

    Our best holiday was our first camping trip with my youngest son , he was amazed that there were foxes and rabbits nearbyour tent. He rang his granma to tell her how good a time he was having and his face lit up as he told her he has his own pet fox and some pet rabbits living in his garden. It rained but alot but best holiday ever.

  252. Sinead McParland

    My favourite holiday was in a caravan in Ballycastle. I love having the whole family together in one room. We kept it simple and just went for walks and to the beach.

  253. Julie Davies

    My most memorable holiday has to be Rhyl in North Wales. It is my fondest memory of my Nan, she passed away last year and I will always treasure my childhood memories of her taking us on holiday to a caravan in Rhyl. She took us to Majorca, aswell as other places but a basic holiday in North Wales is the memory I won’t ever forget. Lots of fun, laughs and ice cream. She was one in a million.

  254. My most unforgettable holiday was two years ago,myself,and my husband had booked a 2 week holiday to the canaries,along with our two small sons and my dayghter who was 17 and her 1 year old ( our granddaughter ),we payed for our daughter to go as her last holiday with us. but we was going to regret that big time!!
    Firstly my granddaughters passport that we payed for didn’t arrive in time,so we had to pay for my granddaughter’s other nan to have time off work to have her for the two weeks,next my daughter missed her daughter so much 6 days into the holiday,we had to pay for a new flight to get her home.
    Than when we got home ourselves after paying out all the money we had,at 2am in the morning we found that we had been burgled,with everything of worth taken!!
    So we will never forget that holiday for all the wrong reasons.

  255. Sharon Bell

    Family Holiday I best enjoyed was the first time, myself and the kids went to Tunisia our first holiday as a single parent family,l but that holiday made us the strongest unit and no more bullying, first time i’d seen the kids go a whole week with full beam smiles on their little faces using the aqua park on the hotel for all the fun in the world 🙂 Great memories and Happy days 🙂

  256. Kate Charles

    My favourite holiday memory was in 2011 in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. I was on my honeymoon with my new hubby, and our two year old son. I literally found out I was pregnant with our second child days after we got married and then spent the whole of the honeymoon with morning sickness…how romantic!!!

  257. Cath Joyce

    Building sandcastles on the beach,
    As wide as we could reach,
    Splashing in the sea,
    Barbeques for tea
    Our holidays in Devon
    Are absolutely heaven.

  258. Hannah Rowley

    My fave holiday was when my family and I went to Disney World Orlando it is so magically and to see everyones faces is a memory i will never forget.

  259. Heli Lukkarinen

    The best holiday was this summer when my kids had a football tournament in Dorset. We drove there via New Forest and saw lots of New Forest wild ponies. Kids were so excited!!! We also headed to the beach by Bournemouth and spent hours playing there. My kids said afterwards that it was ‘so far’ the best time they had ever had!

  260. debbie abbott

    I remember when I was 7 and went on holiday to my nan and granddads farm, my nan was showing me the horses when she fell over and slid half way down the hill! So funny!

  261. Kim Webster-Marsh

    I have two kids on the Autistic spectrum & the best holiday we had was this year in a caravan, we laughed, had fun & best of all the interaction between all of us was a fantastic & rare experience !! No big celebs or exceptional circumstances were needed 🙂

  262. jade gibbs

    My fiance and I would like to take our nieces to Legoland as they’ve never been on holiday nor had a break away, this would be a huge memory for them and the best suprise!

  263. Marissa Wright

    My best family holiday was the one when Superbreak contacted me to say I had won a family trip to Legoland and we all ran up and down screaming as never been there before and very excited

  264. Kellie Faggle McIntyre

    Our most memorable holiday was to Butlins. Unfortunately memorable in the worst way, my son slipped in the swimming pool and we ended up in A&E waiting to be stitched up 🙁

  265. Clare Parker

    My best was when i got married to my wonderful husband in cyprus 40 family and friends came out for two weeks to celebrate with us and was the best holiday ever.

  266. Rachael Farley

    My best holiday was renting a cottage with my mum, dad, sister and Grandad!!It was in the Scottish highlands in the middle of November – it was freezing!! We had a burning log fire burning all day long, went for bracing walks and played board games late into the night. It was great!

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