Worth Every Penny!


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Posted by Jem

I have been an avid Britney fan since I was 15 years old and can assure you that even 7 years on, as soon as Britney came out on stage in all her glory, I quickly resumed back to my 15 year old state!  There were screams, tears and absolute euphoria!

Now, I know what your thinking, Britney is renowned for miming, the ultimate fan I am, this did not perturb me slightly, however for those who are slightly dubious, I can assure you the dancing, choreography and pyrotechnics were out of this world!!!

The one song Britney did sing, was outstanding and it was the best 90 minutes ever!  Although, I did feel terribly sorry for the guy sitting next to me, clearly dragged by his girlfriend (and not getting into the ‘Britney Spirit’ whatsoever) who had to put up with my screaming, crying and ‘grooves’ all induced by alcohol, I can’t imagine his experience was quite as enjoyable as mine!

Only negative point I really have is that drinks and food at The O2 are expensive, be warned of the hot dog vendor outside who tempts you with great smelling hot dogs (perfect for the munchies after a couple of drinks!) but who then charges you £4.00 followed by major spillage of ketchup on white jeans, not a good look!

Overall seeing Britney was one of the best nights out I have had and would go again every time!!

One response to “Worth Every Penny!

  1. Hey Jem

    That sounds like SO much fun! It’s got me hankering after a good dose of cheese too… maybe I’ll try and get Take That tickets after all!

    Hope you managed to clean up your white jeans,

    Sarah x

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