Voice in a Million comes to the O2


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Voice in a Million

If you’re the kind of person that gets goosebumps watching TV talent shows then you’ll be blown away by the spectacular musical event coming to the O2 next Thursday. Voice in a Million is an exciting new project that’s been devised to raise awareness of abandoned and orphaned children who need a new life, and it involves the aspiring vocal talents of 5,000 children. This means you’ll have the chance to enjoy a musical fix but also know that it’s happening to raise money for some of the world’s most deserving causes.

This record-breaking event was organised by the British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF) and is certainly worth making the trip to London to experience first-hand. The O2 show is the beginning of an epic project that will involve a staggering one million children lending their voices to support the worthy cause all across the world.

Each singer on stage represents one child in the UK who is in need of a loving home, which gives you a real idea of how important this issue is. Not only orphans, but children who’ve suffered abuse, neglect and abandonment will also be helped by the event. Singers were auditioned at Shepperton Film Studios, and the most talented performers will even be given a chance to sing solo in front of the gathered crowd – make sure you’re a part of it!

The concert will be recorded for a documentary and for the upcoming One Million Voices album, to commemorate the fantastic event. Events like this are the perfect way to show your support and to recognise young talent, and better still, 1,000 tickets have been donated to members of the British Armed Forces and their families, to show support for all the children who are still losing their fathers in the current conflict in Afghanistan.

Voice in a Million comes to the O2 in London Docklands on Thursday 28 January. Later this year, the event will head to Nottingham‘s Trent Arena on 1 July and Newcastle‘s Metro Arena on 8 July, so clear your diaries now!

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  1. taelor parry

    i was there singing in the big choir it was well good.the best experience im my life so far n im only 10.the biggest concert our choir have ever done.st john with st marks choir ws the best bt the other schools were amazing.the people who did the solos were fantastic. my nan was there it was the best night of my life

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