The Lights Fantastic…


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Now that the clocks have gone back, it seems as though the days are drawing in ever-darker, ever more quickly. But, never fear, there’s plenty to light up your November.

From the bonfires and fireworks of Guy Fawkes Night to the twinkling Blackpool illuminations, there’s plenty to help shake off the winter gloom.

And you can rely on me to help shed some light on how to best trip the lights fantastic this November, below.


“Remember, remember the fifth of November” goes the rhyme, and where better to enjoy the bonfires and fireworks that commemorate the gunpowder plot of 1605 – that would have seen Guy Fawkes blow up parliament and the king –  than London. 

With displays across the city from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th November, there’s sure to be an event that will have your eyes lighting up with glee – whether it’s indulging in a little Blitz spirit as thirties tunes are played during a free firework display at London’s Victoria park or heading to the Royal Horseguards for an explosive afternoon tea.

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Blackpool illuminations…

The world famous Blackpool illuminations, fondly called the ‘Northern Lights’, light up over 10km of the city’s sea front and promenade. But those hoping to grab a look at Blackpool’s sparkling pleasure beach, best get their skates on as the lights are set to turn off on November 7th.

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Aurora Borealis…

Fabled to be the light reflected from the armour of the Vikings’ heavenly Valkyrie warriors, the Aurora Borealis or ‘Northern Lights’ see the northern skies of Sweden and Iceland magically swathed in colour.

Whether sledding across Scandinavian snow, pulled by huskies, or watching the lights from the comforts of a hotel carved from ice, viewing the Northern Lights is no-doubt a magical experience that will help to cast off the shadows of a winter gloom.

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