The Dinosaurs are Back!


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Posted by Becky

From the multi million pound Jurassic Park franchise, which included books, films, toys and a whole host of merchandise to the popular Ice Age series and the Don Bluth animated film The Land Before time we are fascinated by Dinosaurs and the time in which they lived. This year the spectacular Walking with Dinosaurs is coming back to the UK. Seen by over seven million people across the globe Walking with Dinosaurs is a huge phenomenon. Previewing at the Belfast Odyssey Arena in September the show will take in several arenas across the UK, finishing at Liverpool’s Echo Arena in May 2013.

Depicting life sized dinosaurs Walking with Dinosaurs is a must see for any fan of Dinosaurs, anthropology and natural history. The team behind the show have worked closely with scientist to create 20 life-size dinosaurs including Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Brachiosaurus and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. Step back in time and discover 200 millions years of history as these impressive creatures take to the stage.

Each of the dinosaurs weighs approximately 1.6 tons and needs a team of 3 people to operate them, making this a show of truly epic proportions.

After the preview in Belfast Walking with Dinosaurs will open at the spectacular O2 Arena in London, and will play at the world renowned venue from the 26th December 2012 to the 6th Jan 2013. If you are planning a London break to see Walking with Dinosaurs then be sure to make time to visit the wonderful Natural History Museum. Featuring a superb Dinosaur Gallery including 100s of specimen displays and 4 moving animatronic dinosaurs, it is a must see for any Dinosaur lover.

From the O2 Arena the show will tour the UK taking in arenas in Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle, Nottingham and Liverpool. Will you be going to see Walking with Dinosaurs?

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