The countdown to Easter has begun!


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Posted by Kirstie

Easter Flowers

After enjoying hearing your favourite topping suggestions over on our Twitter and Facebook pages, we’ve finally recovered from our pancake binge here at Superbreak. We’ve put the lemon juice and chocolate spread back in the cupboard and have decided what it is we’re going to try and give up for Lent…

I’m a total chocoholic so I’ve decided to try and give this up until Easter arrives. To satisfy my sweet-tooth cravings I’m going to try and snack on some dried fruits or raisins. No, not the chocolate covered kind!

For Lent I’m going to try and give up ordering Takeaways! As delicious as my local Chinese Restaurant’s Chicken in Black Bean Sauce is, I’m going to try and make some home-cooked recipes instead that will save me some money and are a lot healthier!

I have decided to try and give up crisps. This is going to be really hard for me as I usually eat a bag with my packed lunch! For a healthier alternative I’m going to try eating some nuts instead. Roasted peanuts are my favourites 🙂

I’m going to try and save some money and be less materialistic by giving up shopping for clothes and makeup! Nearly every weekend a new blouse or a nail polish somehow finds its way into my basket that I really don’t need. I’m going to have a raid through my wardrobe and see what buried treasures I can find instead!

With only 5 will-power testing weeks to go until Easter now is a great time to get planning for your Easter Break. We’ve got a great range of offers available on everything from West End Theatre Breaks to overseas breaks and hotels by the sea to reward yourself after all your chocolate-and-crisp-free hard work!

What will you be giving up for Lent?

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