Wonderfully Exciting WWE – By Joel, Finn and Nial


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Guest post by Superbreaker Gill Bell…

Mini Superbreakers Joel, Finn and Nial

I took my 2 boys and their best buddy on a surprise trip to WWE at the O2 Arena last week… here’s what they thought!

When I woke up last week to find our best friend Nial knocking on the door I was really puzzled as to what was going on. Then mum said “What would you say if I said we were going on a surprise trip?” so I said “Get in!” but my little brother Finn looked a bit sad and said “But it’s Children in Need Day and I was taking Rarry (his tatty teddy) to school in my PJs …can we go to school first?”. Mum looked a bit stressed and said “Follow the clues and see what you think, then you can decide!”

The clues led us to find out we were going to WWE Live at the O2 Arena that night! Finn had forgot all about taking Rarry to school. He didn’t even remember to pack him as he was super excited.

We were all well excited on the train to London and when we arrived at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Docklands we got the best rooms we have ever stayed in. It was well posh and all the staff were really nice and kept asking what we were doing. We couldn’t wait to tell everyone who asked we were going to watch the Wrestling.

After we got changed we headed across to the O2 on the Emirates Cable Car which was totally amazing. We could see loads. As we walked up to the O2 it was getting dark and it was all lit up with the WWE signs none of us could really believe we were at WWE. Mum has been to the O2 loads of times and its somewhere we really wanted to go and now we were here and going to see some of our favourite Wrestlers!

For dinner we ate the most yummy cheeseburger and fries at Garfunkel’s restaurant before spending our pocket money on souvenir T-shirts and caps.

The seats we got inside the arena were ace, you could see everything really well and all the matches were mint. Even Mum got into the spirit in the title match! I think she may have cried if John Cena hadn’t won. He was a total legend.

Me, Finn and Nial all agree it was one of the best days of our lives. We had an epic time.

By Joel aged 10, Finn aged 8 and Nial aged 9.

What’s the best event you’ve ever seen at the O2 Arena London? Let us know in the comments below…

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