Review: Peter Gabriel at the O2 Arena 2013


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Superbreak’s Marketing Director, Darren Neylon recently visited the O2 Arena in London to see musical legend Peter Gabriel perform live! Find out if the show lived up to everything he hoped it would be…

I was delighted to go on a short break with Superbreak recently to attend a Peter Gabriel concert at the O2 Arena. The evening opened with Armenian flautist, Lévon Minassian, playing a traditional Armenian flute called a Duduk – it was mesmerising!

Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel then wandered out nonchalantly and in the mood for a chat. He mentioned that the night would be divided into three: Firstly, the starter – acoustic melodies with the house-lights turned on. Then the savoury section – electronic, and a bit darker. Finally, the dessert – a trip from top to bottom through the So album, full of fat bottom base, like the days of vinyl records. Gabriel joked to the audience that his wife had told him to explain this to everyone or else they would think he was drunk!

Gabriel warmed up with hits like Come Talk To Me, Shock The Monkey and Solsbury Hill before progressing to Big Time, Sledgehammer and Don’t Give Up. My favourites were In Your Eyes and the hauntingly beautiful, Mercy Street, a song dedicated to the poet, Ann Sexton. The use of bagpipes added melodic depth to Red Rain and Biko at the end.

I’m always a bit sceptical of the quality of artist’s voices as they get older however Gabriel’s husky tones seemed to have increased in maturity and depth, a bit like a fine wine. He was ably supported by the superb harmonies of Scandinavians, Jennie Abrahamson and Linnea Olsson. In fact, the musicianship of the entire band, not to mention Gabriel himself, was the highlight of the night for me. At the end, while the band played Biko, Gabriel walked off as nonchalantly as he had come on, leaving the drummer to it. Superbreak’s seats at this event were ideal and both my wife and I left with the knowledge that we’d witnessed something special.

Are you a fan of Peter Gabriel or planning to see any other O2 events this year? Let us know using the comments box below! 


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