Refunding or exchanging your Michael Jackson booking


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Some of you might remember that back in March, when Michael Jackson’s O2 Arena dates in London were revealed, I was quite excited. While I didn’t actually manage to get tickets, I was still really looking forward to the thrilling event – so it’s no surprise that I – like the rest of the world – am completely shocked by the King of Pop’s death last Thursday.

It’s a terribly upsetting time for his family as well as all his devoted fans, and I imagine that having the world’s media shining cameras at them all day long is not helping either. And to one extent, there’s a real spiritual loss in knowing that, although it’s been a long time since MJ released new material, we’ll never hear any new music from him again.

Unfortunately, for the hundreds of thousands of people that bought tickets for his summer tour, there’s a practical element to consider too. The event’s organisers are offering refunds to ticketholders and if you bought your tickets in a concert package through Superbreak, you can rest assured that we’re offering the same.

However, if you’re still hoping to make the most of the summer break you planned in London, there are other options that will let you choose alternative gigs or shows and we’re happy to let you transfer your Superbreak booking to these events.

While Jackson was one of a kind, there are loads of great artists playing in London this summer. July, for instance, sees performances from American R&B sensation Ne-Yo and revered rock band Nine Inch Nails at the O2, both of which are likely to appeal to very different music fans (though I daresay huge swathes of both audiences will be lovers of Jacko’s music). There’s also, Oasis at Wembley – a gig that promises to be more than memorable, given the Mancunian band’s reputation for showmanship.

Later in the season, the O2 is hosting Cliff Richard, Pearl Jam and celebrated opera singer Andrea Bocelli – so you can rest assured that there’s a real variety of musical events in store.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you change your Michael Jackson booking to something else you want to see, or give you your money back if you prefer. We can’t promise that anything you’ll see will be as wondrous as the spectacle the King of Pop may have staged but we can certainly help you celebrate his legacy of music in style.

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