Michael Jackson tickets – definitely the perfect Mother’s Day present


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Posted by Sarah

I can’t believe it’s only a few days until Michael Jackson tickets go on sale! I’m a bit scared that I won’t be able to get hold of a pair but I think the anticipation is definitely half the fun. I love the way people are going Michael Jackson crazy everywhere I go to – it almost feels like I’m back in the ’80s :)

It’s quite strange actually. Last week, after he announced that he’d be playing at the O2 Arena in London, I had such a sudden desire to listen to his old stuff again – you know, the good ones. Billie Jean, Beat It, The Way You Make Me Feel – that one is definitely my favourite. But I realised I didn’t actually have any of them on my iTunes and (in a bid to save some pennies) I dug out my old cassette tapes – which, can you believe it, actually still work! They’re a little dusty (and so is my old tape player) and the sound quality is so much worse than I remember, but still totally listenable.

Anyway, I really hope that I do manage to get the two tickets I want – they’re going to be my present to my mum for Mother’s Day. If I do get them, I’m fairly sure I’ll cancel out a grudge she’s held against me since before my birth! Basically, Michael Jackson was playing in London around the time she was pregnant with me. She had a ticket but – much to her annoyance – her doctor advised her not to go in case the flashing lights induced premature labour and, like the lovely mother she is, she duly obliged. I’m forever grateful to you Mum, but hopefully I’ll be able to make it all up to you this week – fingers crossed!



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