Long live the King – Elvis Presley Live at the O2


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Elvis Presley Live at the O2

The King is back, and for one night only you have the chance to see the legendary rock ‘n’ roll singer performing live in front of thousands of fans, at the special event Elvis Presley Live in Concert at the O2 on 28 February.

Well… almost. I can tell you’re sceptical, but rest assured this is no mere tribute act, but rather a state-of-the-art video projection complete with live musicians that aims to recreate the feel of an authentic Elvis performance as closely as possible, using technological breakthroughs to bring the famous Vegas experience to London next week.

A full-size projection of Elvis will sing, dance and grind its way across the stage, accompanied by the very real TCB Band, the King’s backup singers the Imperials and Joe Guercio, who conducted the orchestra for many of his Las Vegas performances. It’s a hi-tech show that’s sure to bring the spirit of the sixties and seventies flooding back, while also offering something special for those too young to remember.

Reactions from those who saw the show last year have been very positive, with even fans who were lucky enough to see the star perform in the flesh saying that this is a very realistic and faithful revival. So whether you’re a long-time fan looking to relive those golden years or a newcomer who wants to see first-hand what all the fuss is about, next Sunday’s landmark event at the popular Docklands venue is sure to be one you won’t soon forget!

I can’t help wondering whether this groundbreaking enterprise could pave the way for more revivals of sadly departed music legends in the not-too-distant future. The Fab Four could get back together in a Beatles reunion, or Frank Sinatra… even Kurt Cobain! I suppose it’s a matter of making sure the occasion is justified, and acts as a fitting tribute to their legacy. With Elvis’ concerts being so legendary even decades later, it’s clear that many felt they deserved another outing, and this is your chance to take part in the magic!

One response to “Long live the King – Elvis Presley Live at the O2

  1. Brian Quinn

    ‘Elvis In Concert’ is a tremendous production. One of the main reasons it works so well is the fact that Elvis’ original musicians/singers actually sing ‘live’ along with him. The concept has already been tried with Frank Sinatra. However it can only work if there is first rate film footage of the artist/group. The voices/sound has to be removed from the film leaving only the artist’s voice. This is then projected onto a huge screen centre stage and the backing artists/musicians sing/play along in sync. This is very difficult to do and has to be controlled by one person alone – the drummer in Elvis’ case. I do not think The Beatles could do this type of production due to the lack of suitable film. However, Michael Jackson’s management could attempt such a concept.

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