Guest Review: at The O2 Arena


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Guest post by Annette Hogan

william_book_now_left was amazeballs (my friends’ description!) and I definitely agreed with her.  The stage set was great, two giant heads with’s singing face projected on them, an amazing DJ booth on top of another and a lot of great singing and dancing with some really good dance mixes thrown in.  I was really surprised to read the Guardian and Independent reviews where they only gave him 3 out of 5.  He was really good, he’s a character, and there was a really mixed age group in the audience.

Cheryl Cole was his surprise guest, very pretty and tries her best,  but love her she still can’t sing, although Leah McFall more than made up for her, she is definitely one to watch – has the most amazing voice and has obviously been taken under the Will I am wing!  Conor Maynard was a great support act, very lively performance.

Found it really easy to park at O2 and when it came to leave, I thought we would be sat in the car for ages, but they have got it sewn up and exit is really easy, although they couldn’t control the queue on the A13!

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