Guest Review: Thirty Seconds to Mars at The O2


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Superbreak’s Accounts Assistant went to see hard core rock band,  Thirty Seconds to Mars when the hit The O2 Arena last month. Find out what he made of the performance right here…

Thirty Seconds to Mars O2 Arena 2013

As I could get tickets to see them, it seemed rude not to take one of my best friends, a Jared Leto obsessive, to see Thirty Seconds to Mars at The O2. There are a lot of good things about the O2. Not least how easy it is to get to on the tube and how easy it is to get something to eat while you’re there. Garfunkel’s do an excellent burger so we were set up for the bar and then the gig.

If you’re going to see a rock band you need to do one of two things: You need to see them in a dingy club where you can be hit by sweat from the stage, or you need to see them somewhere cavernous where the band can blast you with industrial levels of noise. Thirty Seconds to Mars understand this and at the O2 Arena they hit the crowd hard.

This doesn’t mean that they just go out and make a lot of noise. They put way too much thought in to what they do for anything to be messy. Building upon a drummer as solid and precise as Shannon Leto anything out of place is going to be shown up. From the light show to the dancers, from the supporting musicians to the videos playing on the screens, everything synced in perfectly.

Some would say that Jared Leto has a huge ego but I’d say that a rock star wouldn’t be much good without one. When Robert Plant sang at audiences that he’d give them a whole lotta love he didn’t do it from the side of the stage with an apologetic shrug. Jared Leto is every inch a rock star and crowds love him all the more for it.

Then again, if a rock star spends as much time talking to, listening to, and playing around with his fans as Jared Leto does then those fans are going to love him, and he loves his fans right back. The crowd was already excited when he walked out on his own to take requests from the audience and when he called for volunteers to join him on stage they went mental. I’ve not often seen people as happy as the fans that were on stage with the band and I’ve seen as many people in a good mood as walked out of the gig that night.

Thirty Seconds To Mars put on a hell of a show. If you want to hear a band unapologetically trying to knock you down and then build you back up with their music then you should go and see them any chance you get.

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