Guest Review: Smackdown WWE Wrestling at The O2


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Our Natalie from the Customer Service Department treated the kids to a whirlwind London adventure with tickets to see WWE Smackdown at The O2 Arena. Read on to find out what they got up to on their trip…

For our most recent trip to The O2, we took the kids along to see the WWE Wrestling … let’s face it we weren’t going to go without any kids! Saying that, I was surprised at how popular this event was and the type of people that were there to see the event.


We got an early morning train to arrive in London early, with the plan of getting checked into the hotel, getting a bite to eat and chilling out, so we could get up to The O2 Arena in good time. As it was the kids first time, they wanted to have a good look around the arena.

We stayed at the Royal National Hotel in Russell Square, just one tube stop from Kings Cross. The hotel certainly isn’t amazing, but for a one night stay it’s comfortable enough, nicely situated and only a 5 minute walk from the tube station.

Once we’d checked in, we had a wander around and found a decent little place to eat and a couple of drinks before heading off to get changed and head up to the Wrestling.

When we got up there, we were expecting to see million of children running around in wrestling gear, play fighting and laying the smackdown on each other, but I was surprised to see a lot of adults and older teenagers, still dressed up as Hulk Hogan & co, and some carrying fake championship belts… some of these people still actually think it’s real and are living the dream!


We had heard about the Sky Backstage area that they have at The O2, and as we had a bit of spare time decided to take a look… a very good idea. It’s great in there, you just need to register and walk in to see what’s what. First of all there is a photo area where you can get your photo taken and it shows on a large screen with some of the wrestlers on. You can then log onto the website when your home to view and get a copy of it… the kids loved it! We then found a ‘copy’ Sky Sports News Studio where we were able to sit behind the desk and pretend we were sky sports presenters… cue the excitement, and that was just my husband! They followed the autocue with no stammering and it was all filmed. Again, you can then go online and watch back – hilarious! Finally, there was a section where you could again be photographed with the Wrestling Championship Belts. It was a great experience for the kids and some of the adults (especially the dressed up ones!)


As far as the event goes, it lasted a total of 4 hours. They do put some of the lesser known Wrestlers on first and it gets the crowd going, but as this was filmed live for Sky, the crowd really got into it once the well-known ones came on! Got to say the music and lighting makes the event, but it’s very strange watching with no commentary like you get on the TV.


I can’t say it was really my cup of tea, but the kids and husband certainly enjoyed it. I might “have a migraine” next time they go and would recommend that if anyone is interested in going, you pay that little bit extra to get a ringside seats. The wrestlers do interact and make it much more entertaining.

We spent the next day enjoying a London Bus Tour seeing a lot of the capital that you don’t normally get to see. There is so much to do in London – I would definitely recommend the tours! Overall, a lovely couple of days again and looking forward to our next little outing!

Are you and your family big fans of WWE wrestling? What other events at The O2 in London have caught your eye? Let us know by filling out the box below.

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