Il Divo and Katherine Jenkins at The O2 Arena


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Superbreak Customer Service Advisor, Trish Poole visited The O2 Arena last Friday to see Il Divo perform with Katherine Jenkins. here’s what she thought of the show…

Il Divo and Katherine Jenkins
Il Divo and Katherine Jenkins

1. What event did you go to see and why? 

I went to see Il Divo and Katherine Jenkins. I went as they were favourites of my Dad’s who passed away 2 years ago. He always had the CD’S on. He wasn’t well enough to go to see them so I went and knew he would be there with me.

2. What did you think of the performance? Did it live up to expectations?

It was AMAZING! I knew it would have been a  good show, but it exceeded my expectations. I will definitely go and see them again.

3. Was this your first visit to The O2? What did you make of the facilities?

No , I have been  before. The bar is a nice way to start the evening and seeing faces of our guests who didn’t expect to be in there is lovely.

4. Did you enjoy a meal or drinks out before the event? If so would you recommend the places? 

We went to Wagamamas for a meal before the show, and it’s a great place to eat – good atmosphere and good food. We spent about  £12 each for a main and a coke.

5. How did you get to The O2 ? How did you find travelling around London?

I met my friend from work and went on the underground to The O2 . Having lived in London for 22 years, I know my way around, but I do think travelling in London is easy. We went on Circle line from South Kensington to Westminster and changed onto the Jubilee line directly to North Greenwich.

6. How does The O2 compare to other venues?

It’s a great venue! It depends on what you are going to see , but for big events its perfect.

7. Have any other events caught your eye this year?

Yes I am going to see Fleetwood Mac, Peter Gabriel and have just bought my tickets for Black Sabbath


If you’ve been to see an event at The O2, let us know in the comments below!

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