Guest Review: Cirque du Soleil at The O2 Arena


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SuperBreak’s Trish, Ashley and Keith tell us all about the O2 performance of Cirque du Soleil – Dralion in their latest event review.


1. What event did you go to see and why?
Trish: My friend Kris and I went to see Cirque du Soleil, as we have seen them before and they are absolutely amazing. They always put on a fabulous show.

Keith: I attended two performances of Dralion Cirque Du Soleil. It is something I have always been interested in having seen one of their previous performances in Las Vegas.

Ashley: I travelled down to the London O2 Arena to see the infamous Cirque du Soleil in June. I’d heard so many good things about it but never really knew if it was my cup of tea. I’ve been to so many music concerts at the O2 with SuperBreak and have thoroughly enjoyed my weekends in London, so I thought I would give it a go and see something completely different.

2. What did you think of the performance? Did it live up to expectations?
Trish: It was a fantastic night and exceeded all my expectations. As usual they did not disappoint, very colourful and the acrobatics are out of this world.

Keith: Visually attractive and crowd pleasing, but it is was difficult to compare to the version I’d seen in Las Vegas as these shows are more intimate.

Ashley: I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect seeing an act like Cirque du Soleil in a venue as big as the O2, however I was pleasantly surprised. Our seats were perfectly positioned with most of the acts performing right in front of us.

The show was simply jaw dropping and at times I didn’t know where to focus my eyes as there was so much going on. A personal favourite included the incredibly skilled performers running up a wall the height of a tall building with trampolines, continuing into a routine of catching each other and executing perfectly timed synchronised flips and jumps – amazing!


3. Was this your first visit to The O2? What did you make of the facilities?
Trish: No, I have been to The O2 before and think the bars and restaurants are great. They do get busy though, so I recommend getting there a bit earlier if you want to enjoy a leisurely meal.

Keith: This was my second visit and this time I made more of what The O2 has to offer by turning up much earlier for the performance. It’s a much better arena than Manchester or Newcastle –  these are my choice locations due to where I live. Coming to The O2 in London enables you to take advantage of a short city break as well.

Ashley: No, I’ve been quite a few times now. It is perfect for a short break in London and concerts always seem to be more impressive in the venue. I love being able to use the bars and restaurants and making a night of it.

4. Did you enjoy a meal or drinks out before the event? If so would you recommend the places?
Trish: Yes, we ate at one of our favourites, Wagamama’s which was £24.00 for the both of us.

Keith: After the first performance I visited the VIP area on the ground floor and had lunch and drinks. There is certainly enough choice pre or post event for people to take advantage of.

Ashley: I had tried a fantastic Chinese buffet restaurant in the O2 before so I thought I would take my friend there. It was great value and some of the food was cooked freshly in front of you. We then enjoyed some drinks in the bar before taking our seats, despite the drinks being typically overpriced; the atmosphere in the bar was worth it.

5. Which hotel did you stay in and what did you think of it? How far was the distance to The O2?
Trish: I didn’t stay in a hotel as I stayed with Kris who lives in Grove Park, so only a 20 minute drive for The O2.

Keith: I stayed again at Ibis Styles opposite the Excel and only a few stops along on the DLR link. Great location for The O2 events and one that was recommended for Superbreak packages for the Dralion performances. This hotel is very comfortable and has excellent rail links to other parts of London.

6. How did you get to The O2? How did you find travelling around London?
Trish: Kris took us by car, so a very quick journey for us.

Keith: I took the early morning train from York and arrived at the hotel about 10.30am. The downside was my room wasn’t ready but they do have luggage storage facilities so I was able to go to the matinee performance and check in later that evening. I have an Oyster Card for getting around London and with my previous knowledge of the DLR and Underground I was able to plan my journey methodically.

Ashley: With open return train tickets I was able to travel to and from London with great ease, not really having to worry too much about train times. I had also purchased an Oyster Card so getting to The O2 from my friends house in London Bridge was extremely easy.

7. How does The O2 compare to other venues?
Trish: The choice of bars and restaurants inside and outside is great so you do not have to be going to an event to enjoy a meal or drink , the atmosphere itself when at an event is terrific.

Keith: As mentioned above, it has more facilities than MEN Arena and Newcastle Arena. Couples and families alike can make it more of an evening out rather than just going to see a performance.

8. Have any other events caught your eye this year?
Trish: I going to see The Eagles soon, and then War of The Worlds. I’m looking forward to both.

Keith: This was my second visit, with my first being a Vampire weekend concert earlier in the year.

Have any O2 events taken your fancy this year? Tell us what you’re off to see in the comments section below! 

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