Australian Pink Floyd at the O2 Arena, London


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Superbreak’s Account Manager, Colin ventured to London to see Australian Pink Floyd last week! Find out what he made of the night in his latest O2 event review…


I’ve never been to see Australian Pink Floyd or any other form of Pink Floyd before. I can’t say I am a fan of Pink Floyd, but I am familiar with a lot of their music and aware of the level of their fame back in the seventies and eighties.

Australian Pink Floyd is essentially a tribute act so I was surprised that they would be playing at a venue as big as the O2 Arena in London.

Our guests in the suite were all keen Pink Floyd fans and a few of them had been to see Australian Pink Floyd on a number of occasions. Therefore, I was able to learn a lot more about the artists in conversations with our guests.

What a show! Musically they were brilliant and the show was enhanced by a fantastic light and laser show, which apparently was a great reminder of the real Pink Floyd in their heyday!

The highlight of the evening was the service that was provided by the O2 staff. One of our guests, David had issues caused by a lack of a belt for his trousers. He was concerned that his trousers may descend from his waist down to unacceptable levels during the show. I alerted our hostess in the suite and the O2 staff were able to remedy the situation by providing a choice of 6 belts for David to choose from! He was delighted with the outcome and also the fact that he was in a VIP suite.

David is keen to make a return visit to the London O2 Arena to see The Eagles in June 2014!


Were you lucky enough to get tickets to Australian Pink Floyd too? Or, perhaps you’re looking forward to another music event at the O2 Arena in London? Fill us in my using the comments box below.


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