Guest Post: The Eagles at the O2 Arena


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Being a huge fan of The Eagles, our Trish and David couldn’t wait to see them perform live at The O2 in London! Find out if the 70s American rock band lived up to their reputation in their latest event reviews.


1. What event did you go to see and why?
Trish: I have always loved this band and first saw them in 2007. When the chance came to see them again…. well it would’ve been rude not to go, also my friend Kate has never seen them play live before.

Dave: We went to see The Eagles at The O2 in London – I’ve always been a fan and it was too good of an opportunity to miss!

2. What did you think of the performance? Did it live up to expectations?
Trish: It was an AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC show. They sound as good today as they did all those years ago and they really are a great band, putting everything into their performance… the crowd loved it, it was the 2nd night and it was a sell out. Hearing Hotel California live still gives me goosebums – it was great hearing all the old hits! We were all singing along and later we saw some people dancing on the stairs.

David: They were superb! They started with the slower ballads just playing acoustic, and gradually built to a crescendo at the end of the performance. The first few bars of Hotel California being drowned out by the roar of the crowd.

3. Was this your first visit to The O2? What did you make of the facilities?
Trish: No, I have been many times before and think the facilities are great , the bars, all the restaurants, so much to choose from.

David: We have been to The O2 many, many times and it is as good as ever. Some works were being carried out inside putting the 2 main bars either side of the entrance out of bounds for a while, but there are plenty of other options.

4. Did you enjoy a meal or drinks out before the event? If so would you recommend the places?
Trish: We ate a late lunch at an Italian restaurant around Kings Cross, it was a buffet, which between 2 of us was £13.

David: We dined at The O2 in the box, a simple menu but hot and tasty, and not too expensive for London.

5. Which hotel did you stay in and what did you think of it? How far was the distance to The O2?
Trish: We stayed at the Travelodge Kings Cross Royal Scot Hotel as we wanted to be near the train station. It was very clean and only a 7 minute walk from Kings Cross station. We paid £10 to check in early, so we could relax before we headed out.

David: We stayed at The Imperial on Russell Square – an old favourite, (if we go much more they will probably give us our own keys!), very easy to get to The O2, just 25 mins on the tube and you’re at the front door.

6. How did you get to The O2? How did you find travelling around London?
Trish: We travelled by underground from Kings Cross on the Northern Line to London Bridge, changing there to the Jubilee Line to North Greenwich, it took roughly 30 minutes.

David: As above, we were spirited around by the underground, by far the most efficient option – quick and simple.

7. How does The O2 compare to other venues?
Trish: I think The O2 is a fabulous venue, there is a great choice of bars and restaurants, also a cinema too.

David: I don’t go to too many other venues because of The O2, once you have been there once you get hooked, the venue, the people, the ease of everything makes it the only option for me.

8. Have any other events caught your eye this year?
Trish: At the moment I only have War of The Worlds, I dare say something else will come up between now and December

David: Yes. We are going to il divo in November then deciding which ones to go for next year.

Have you seen any events at The O2 recently? Tell us all about it by filling out the comments box below. 

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