Guest Post: Second Time Lucky, The Big Reunion Review


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After a rather eventful last trip to The O2, our Customer Service Advisor Natalie Benson gave it another go when she went to see The Big Reunion. Find out what she got up to and why things went a little more smoothly this time (even though she still managed to miss the train home!)…


Our trip to see The Big Reunion at the O2 was a doddle compared to our last trip (see our Pink blog). What had we learnt from last time … well train tickets check, concert tickets check, spare top for going out in check and toiletries check! We even arrived at the station in good time, and enough for our train to arrive on a different platform with still enough time to board! We were getting to be pro’s at this lark!!

So, The Big Reunion … if you hadn’t been following the TV series, this was about 7 Super Groups of the 90’s who had fallen off the face of the earth but had decided that a reunion of a one off gig would be good entertainment. However, turned out that it was to be so popular, they made a tour of it! Each of the bands had its own issues in the past, group fallouts, lack of record sales or pure exhaustion with the mad highlife of being ‘popstars’.

After arriving at Kings Cross, we only had a short trip to get to our accommodation, the Days Hotel in the Waterloo area. It’s not a patch on The Cavendish, our digs for our last trip, but as far as standard 3-star hotels go, it’s nice enough. The hotel is within 5 minutes walking distance from Lambeth North Tube Station and easy to find. It is a reasonably quiet hotel and to be honest there isn’t much going on around it, but for these types of trip when we had no spare time, it did the job! After having a wander around and finding a traditional London type pub, The Pineapple, we had a quick cheap bite to eat. We were lucky to get what we ordered, our northern twang certainly didn’t fit in with the proper cockney geezers in there!

Everything was going so well … And so to the O2 ….

As the arena filled up, the two large screens showed clips from the tv series, showing where each band had been from their demise 10-15 years ago … this was good in case you had missed the tv series. It built it all up nicely and definitely got the crowd in party spirit.

7:45pm and we were under way, and first up were Five! A 3-song blast certainly made ‘Everybody Get Up’ and rocked the house, even the males in the crowd were singing and dancing along happily! B*Witched up next complete with their trademark double demin before 911 hit the stage and got everybody ‘Body Shakin’. The Honeyz then made an appearance with a couple of low key tunes before Atomic Kitten came on to get the place rocking again, making it a ‘Night to Remember’. Liberty X were giving it ‘Just a little Bit More’ next before the obvious favourites of the night ‘Blue’ entered the fray. They were probably the reason why half the females of the crowd were there to be honest. A quick rendition of ‘One Love’ and the O2 was bouncing!Each of the groups came on for a second stint .. and the good thing about it was the variation .. 7 groups, so many Top 10 hits and you knew most of the words to every one of them.The night was finished off with Atomic Kitten’s Whole again banging out .. as each of the groups came on for one last encore amidst a whole load of silver confetti falling from the roof of the O2 .. I wouldn’t like to be the one cleaning all that up afterwards!!!

All in all a really, really loud, top cheesy night .. and they are coming back in December for a Christmas special for those of you who don’t know! I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Still the excitement of the visit didn’t end there .. in true Benson style we managed to miss the train home (why are they never delayed when you want them to be!) I still think there are people spinning now from the way I was wheeling my luggage from the tube to the train! Luckily there was one a couple of hours later and arrived back in York just in time to pick up the kids!

Life is never dull with our trips to London!

Did you catch The Big Reunion during their UK tour? Let us know what you thought about the concert in the comment box below! 


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