Guest Post: Operation Run Like Hell – Pink @ the O2 Arena


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When our Customer Service Advisor Natalie Benson got tickets to see Pink at The O2 Arena on 28th April, she had a bit of a disaster to say the least! As a huge Pink fan, she hoped for a fun filled stress free night. Little did she know what she was in for…


My trip to see Pink at the O2 was not without its dramas.  I’d been listening to her new album for weeks now, getting to know all the songs, singing along in the car and as the days got nearer and near, the excitement was building, so what could go wrong? … Well, pretty much everything!


We’d arranged to get an earlier train to London, so we could chill out before the concert, get to the O2 early and soak up the atmosphere, after all it was a sell out!!  Most things were packed but hmmm, where did I leave the tickets now?  Anyway, to cut a long story short and turning most of the house upside down they finally appeared, 40 minutes before the train was due to leave … cue Operation Run Like Hell!


I can’t explain the relief of actually boarding the train and taking our seats, and once I realised I hadn’t packed most of my toiletries, I was past caring anyway, at least we would be at the O2 … but this was only the start of it!


Natalie's fab view of Pink's dramatic entrance!
Natalie’s fab view of Pink’s dramatic entrance!

I had packed lightly, too lightly as you now know, but what I wasn’t expecting was to burn a hole right through my top with the hotel iron shortly before heading out.  Thankfully, the Cavendish staff had a sewing kit to me within minutes and another problem was removed from the list.  Speaking of the hotel, the Cavendish is a lovely hotel, nice and clean, with helpful, friendly staff in a brilliant location.  It’s hard to believe it can be so quiet there, yet just up the road you are in the hustle and bustle of one of London’s busiest areas, Piccadilly Circus.  The fact that it is only 5 tube stops (around 10 minutes) from Kings Cross, makes it the ideal place to stay.


Grabbing a quick bite to eat in Piccadilly Circus before heading for the O2, was a good time to remember that neither me or my husband had picked up the concert tickets once again (it was starting to look like a scene from the Chuckle Brothers at this point).  Still, I sent him back to the hotel sharpish and whist waiting I nipped into boots and made the most of buying a deodorant and sampling a perfume tester, why bring your own when you can use theirs for free eh!  Sorted … we were off again!


We arrived at the O2 half expecting a flurry of people eager to get settled to watch Pink’s support bands, “Churchill” and “Walk the Moon”, both up and coming bands from the states, yet it was fairly quiet.  Did I enjoy Churchill, ‘Oh Yes’ and Walk the Moon did a very good job of hyping the crowd up for the main event.


Pink was amazing!!  I’d heard from friends that as performances go, she’s second to none, and they where right … she did not disappoint!  She burst onto the red-lit stage upside down, on the end of a bungee rope attached to three topless men, and let out her now-iconic roar. It set the tone for the next 2 hours, singing 19 songs in total which included Pink singing in a spinning cage of dancers and singing mid-air, supported entirely by rope and an impressive set of abs. None of this deterred her vocals, that girl can sing and perform!


The entertainment ended with a powerful rendition of ‘So What’ whilst being ‘bungee’d’ down the whole length and to four corners of the O2 Arena, waving at a very satisfied crowd, of which none would have gone home disappointed after that amazing performance …

Thank god we found those tickets!

Have you seen Pink or another artist perform at The O2 Arena? Let us know what you thought!

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