Guest Post: Mrs Brown’s Boys at The O2 Review


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Superbreak’s Contracting Support Assistants, Tony Manning and our Groups and Specialist Sales Advisor, Dave Fox both went to see the fabulous Mrs Brown’s Boys at The O2 last week! Here’s how they got on…


Mrs Brown's Boys at The O2
Mrs Brown’s Boys at The O2

Why did you choose to see Mrs Brown’s Boys?

Tony – I have watched the show since it first appeared on the BBC.  I’m an avid fan who wanted to watch it live.

Dave –  They remind me of visiting my granny and the rest of the family, some of the things they say and do remind me of them so much


What did you think of the performance? Did it live up to expectations?

Tony – The performance was “out of this world” to say the least.  I laughed that much my insides nearly turned inside out.  Even though there were sketches from previous shows/series, the ad lib was fantastic.  Even the cast could not stop themselves from laughing continuously.  The atmosphere was electrifying to say the least.

Dave – I thought it was going to be a specially written show for the stage but it had been on T.V before so I was a little disappointed to begin with, however, once the adlibbing and the “out takes” started and the way they wind each other up to make mistakes you are soon splitting your sides!


Was this your first visit to The O2? What did you make of the facilities?

Tony – It was my second time at the O2 and what a difference from the previous week. The facilities were great and the bar staff was great.  I say was instead of were as there was only one bar staff but he did a sterling job to look after 40 guests.  He deserves credit.

Dave – I have been to the o2 many times and always find the venue very well run with everything you require right there, the staff are very courteous and helpful, nothing is too much trouble


Did you enjoy a meal or drinks out before the event? If so would you recommend the places?

Tony – I had been working up until mid afternoon on the day of the event so it was one hell of a rush to get to the Arena in time to host so had no time to try the cuisine in the hotel prior to setting off for the performance.  That said, I did manage to grab a pizza on return to the hotel which was of an average standard.

Dave – We ate at the o2 before the show this time as we were a bit pushed for time to go elsewhere, normally we would go into Greenwich itself, there are numerous restaurants and pubs to choose from for a bite to eat, the arena itself is quite expensive and often problematic to get my wife a vegetarian meal


Which hotel did you stay in and what did you think of it? How far was the distance to The O2? 

Tony – We stayed at the Travelodge at West India Docks which was fairly close to the O2 Arena.  Our room was very clean; the bed was comfortable and I wish I could have sneaked the pillows into my luggage.  A decent bathroom with power shower, but lacking in complimentary toiletries

Dave – We stayed at the Travelodge Excel. It was clean, tidy and quiet although a couple more pillows would have been nice. Easy to get to on the DLR it was good for a flying visit or going to the excel centre, city airport (opposite) and the O2, maybe not the best location if you are staying for a few days.

Breakfast was adequate, tasty, but slightly let down with the seating capacity for the amount of guests.  There were, however notices stating when “rush hour” for breakfast was likely to be.  As a consequence, most guests avoided these times and caused another “rush hour”.

Ideal for the O2 Arena as the hotel was only a 5 minute walk to the DLR and only about 15 minutes travel with one only one change.


How did you get to The O2? How did you find travelling around London?

Tony – I travelled on the East Coast Main Line from York to London Kings Cross and thankfully the carriages were not over busy.  On arriving in London, it was very busy as it was rush hour on a Friday afternoon.  Preparation of your desired route is definitely advisable to avoid possible delays.  Travelling around London via bus that weekend was very busy as many routes had been diverted due to the London Pride March which ended up at Trafalgar Square.  This didn’t dampen my spirits though as the atmosphere  was great with everyone joining in with the dancing and festivities.  This turned out to be an even better package as had a free added bonus.  I would thoroughly recommend seeing this free event too – all nations enjoying themselves

Dave – we were going to use the Emirates airline but after failing to find a footpath along the Thames to follow to the embarkation point we opted for the DLR and Tube, very quick and simple even with a change.


How does The O2 compare to other venues?

Tony – The venue was great, audio superb and also large screens to emphasise the stage area made it better than ever

Dave – We both love the o2, the location, transport links and the overall feel of the place,it seems every time you go there is something new and fresh to look at or do, I can honestly say I have never had a bad experience at the arena









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