Guest Post: Michael Bublé at the London O2 Arena


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Superbreak Customer Service Advisor, Natalie Benson recently treated her Mum to a weekend away in London with tickets to see Michael Bublé live. Find out what they got up to and if Bublé really was the perfect birthday surprise…

London O2 Arena
London’s O2 Arena

I took my mum to go and see Michael Bublé as a birthday treat…it was a surprise and she had no idea who she was going to see, however she did know it was at the London O2 Arena.

Her only request was a hotel with a pool so we booked the Aloft London. We travelled first class with Grand Central trains and arrived in London with no problem at all. With my mum being partially disabled, I was a bit apprehensive about using the tubes, if anyone was going to get trapped in the doors it would be her! Luckily, the tube routes we used all had lifts which helped as she has a fear of escalators. If you plan to use the tubes and are travelling with someone disabled, it’s definitely worth planning in advance!

Before checking in at the hotel, we had lunch in the ‘Fede’ restaurant attached to the hotel and it was pretty good value for money and saved us eating at the O2 Arena with more time being spent taking a swim.

After a dip, sauna and a session in the steam room, we proceeded to get ready and off we went to the London O2 Arena.

By this point, my mum was extremely excited and when we arrived she was totally taken-a-back!

The support group, Naturally 7 (not to be confused with S-Club ha) are an American music group, singing mainly R&B with extensive beatboxing! Sounds a little odd for a Michael Bublé support act, but they performed well and set a good opening for the entrance of Michael.

Waiting anxiously for him to come on stage, one thing I will remember from his entrance is the crowd screaming, it made the hairs stand on the back of my neck!  Michael is no doubt a great performer and charmer…one highlight was Andy Murray’s mum being in the audience (fresh after Andy winning Wimbledon) and Michael made the arena sit to announce this, which got the crowd going wild…well after 77 years it’s not surprising. Behind every great man is an amazing woman in Michael’s words.

He obviously has a very good relationship with all his crew, and sat on the stage and introduced each and every single one of them.

One of my highlights of the show was when Michael ran through the audience being mobbed on the way to a stage in the centre of the arena right in front of our seating area, on the way singing Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’.

Twenty-one songs later, Michael closed the show with a silenced crowd, no mic, no music and sang solo…wowsers, totally amazing…that man can truly sing!

After dreading the journey home, as when I was previously in London I had a 5 hour taxi wait, I ordered a wheelchair from a member of the O2 staff and they accompanied me and my mum back to the tube which delivered her through the mass queues straight to the lift…she has her uses or I might have to break a leg for next time I go!

All in all, a fantastic evening and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going!

After our grab and go breakfast offered by the Aloft hotel, we made our way to Tower Pier and took a cruise on the Thames with City Cruises. Staff onboard were great and do commentary from their own individual knowledge of London. Mum loved it so much that once we arrived at Westminster Pier, we went back again!

As with all my trips to London, I thought we had got away without any dramas … how wrong could I be. We got the tube to Kings Cross but unfortunately half way into a tunnel we were stopped due to an unfortunate passenger alert along the route. Clock watching, I was certain we would miss our train home. Pretty soon we were on our way and actually managed to arrive at 12:40, thirteen minutes before the train was due to leave…Phew!

My mum is already nagging for what we are going to see next.

Have you seen Michael Bublé live? Or planning a trip to the O2 Arena soon? Let us know using the comments box below.

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