Guest Post: Iron Maiden at The O2 Arena 2013


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Superbreak’s Contracting Support Assistant, Tony Manning went to see iconic rock band Iron maiden at The O2 Arena last week! He also managed to get a fab video of Run to the Hills! Check out his review below…

I went to see Iron Maiden at The O2 Arena on 3rd August 2013. There’s a long history behind my love of the band, but 31 years ago I first met an Army colleague whilst on training prior to going to the Falklands Conflict.  On a rare night off and over a few beers, my friend started singing along to “Run to the Hills” and hit it off to perfection (he could easily have stood in for Bruce Dickinson had he been unable to sing). That first introduction to Iron Maiden all those years ago has stuck in my mind ever since.  When the opportunity came up to see them how could I refuse and the first person I thought of was my old mate who I hadn’t seen in 13 years.  Naturally he jumped at the chance too.

Well, where do I start?  Iron Maiden were supported by Voodoo Six for about half an hour, who were your above average supporting band with plenty of kick, but not tracks that have been charted, so it was a case of join in and just “head bang”.

Then came the main reason for being there, a sell-out performance (not to anyone’s surprise), and the crowd starts chanting and cheering.  Suddenly, ear drums feel like they are about to pop as they appear on stage. This is it I thought, I’ll never be able to answer a telephone again as I won’t be able to hear the person on the other end.

Iron Maiden O2 Arena 2013

The band was amazing to say the least.  The acoustics, visualisations, and some amazing animations and puppetry certainly made it probably one of the best live rock bands that I have seen perform in years.  They certainly had the “wow factor”. How Bruce Dickinson managed to sing like he did and run from one end of the stage to another for nearly 2 hours amazes me (I think he Ran to the Hills and back more than once).

There was also another Bruce there in the audience – none other than Sir Bruce Forsyth.  Now that was unexpected. Who’d have thought that Brucie would be into that kind of music?  There’s life in the old dog still that’s for sure.

Having seen Status Quo at Scarborough last weekend (as good as they were) there was no comparison.  To sum it up, faultless.  I can’t think of another word or words to describe the performance. I’ll definitely book my tickets for their next UK performance.

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