Guest Post: Froch Vs. Kessler at the London O2 Arena


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Superbreak’s Customer Service Advisor, Natalie Benson was initially dubious about seeing live boxing during her recent visit to the London O2 Arena. Read on to find out if the Froch vs. Kessler Rematch changed her opinion…

Froch vs Kessler Boxing Match

Now I’m not really a boxing fan to be honest and I never thought I would ever be attending a live fight, but the atmosphere for our visit to the London O2 Arena to see Carl Froch vs Mikkel Kessler II was electric! We only got opportunity for tickets a week before, and as the days ticked by, my husband was buzzing…he definitely owes me one!

As with every silver lining though, there is a cloud, this being the trauma of being able to find a hotel room for the night…whose silly idea was it to host the Champions League Final at Wembley the same night! Trying to find a hotel room not occupied was like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

Anyway, the trip to London went better than expected. Our previous journeys had always resulted in something being lost or missed, so that was a bonus! We finally found a hotel room at Travelodge, Croydon, which is quite a way from everywhere we needed to be, but to be fair it was pretty simple to get there…a mixture of tube and trains gave us an opportunity to see some parts of London and the outskirts that we hadn’t previously seen! The hotel was pretty basic but to be honest we were just glad that we had somewhere to stay that was relatively cheap.

We arrived at the O2 Arena early, my husband with camera in tow, on celeb spot mission! We decided to have a bite to eat at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen that is in the O2 Arena and its pretty decent stuff! To be honest though, there is so much choice for food, you can take you pick from anything you fancy! Just as we tucked into our burgers a large crowd formed around a little area nearby and before I could ask who it was, my husband was out of his seat faster than a camera flash! A huge grin on his face and a photo with former professional boxer, Johnny Nelson, we paid up and made our way in!

Following a number of undercard fights and more celeb spotting with GB Olympic Boxing Gold Medal Winner Anthony Joshua, the main event was upon us and it was only now that the crowd really poured in…18,000 screaming, loud, pumped up people to be exact, and it was nearly time to ‘Ready To Rumbleeeeeeee’…twelve rounds of world title boxing!

Froch vs Kessler Rematch

The atmosphere was brilliant, never a quiet moment as the two warriors battled away, the fight swinging one way to the next! I couldn’t even hear myself think before the start of the twelfth round and the crowd erupted as they announced Froch as the Champion of the World with a superb win!

A brilliant evening, however, had a sour end to the evening! We realised the fight would end late, the place would be manic after the fight and that the tubes and trains would have stopped, so had pre-booked a taxi back to our hotel. For £40 we thought it was a bargain for the mayhem that may lie ahead. Four and a half hours later, our taxi was promised to be arriving soon half a dozen times. We had to, very angrily, get a refund and find our own taxi getting us back at nearly 6am…now maybe it was a one-off, who knows, it just wasn’t a good service!

However, it was a small price to pay for an amazing weekend and although I wouldn’t recommend the Arena Cars O2 taxi service to anyone…I certainly would recommend live Boxing! Bring on Froch vs Kessler III.

Did you catch the big fight at the London O2 Arena or a fan of live boxing? Let us know using the comments box below.


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