Guest Post: Disney on Ice & JLS at The O2 Arena


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Guest post by Annette Hogan


Disney on Ice

Lots of young girls dressed up in their Disney costumes to come to this great ice show.  One thing that surprised me (and shouldn’t have really!) was the fact that it was cold in O2 but when you think about it, the ice needs to stay cold.  We all kept our coats on and it was great!  The performances by the skaters were amazing as were the costumes and the kids absolutely loved it, especially when they were interacting with the performers, lots of shouting out, singing along and ‘he’s behind you’.  You forgot how popular Disney still is for kids.  Two things stood out for me, one was the horses attached to Cinderella’s carriage, which were in fact skaters, so clever, and Rapunzel and her prince flying through the air on what appeared to be no more than a length of material, amazing!

Easy to get out of the O2 even with it being full to capacity, and easy to hit the sales at Westfield afterwards to warm up.



Such a shame that these are the final JLS concerts. They put on an absolutely fabulous performance, great dancing and singing, really enjoyed the show and they actually seem like they are friends as well as in the same band. I was at the matinee, the final performance was the evening performance, and although there was some sadness they did keep it upbeat and thanked their fans for always being there. I’d forgotten they came from a reality show. Projected onto the back of the stage, the boys talked about each other and the journey they had been on. I was surrounded by very young girls, who all knew the words to each song, I must admit I didn’t!  But I really enjoyed the concert. The support acts were good and lively and a fitting lead in to JLS.

We decided to get to O2 early and eat there, a great choice as we had a lovely brunch at Café Rouge to set us up for the show.

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