Feel the force as Star Wars comes to the O2


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Film and music lovers can look forward to a truly out-of-this-world experience when heading to London early next week, when the new two-hour symphonic show Star Wars: A Musical Journey beams down to the O2.

Whether you’re already a fan of the groundbreaking film series or just someone who loves a classic musical, this new take on the Star Wars story should offer something for everyone, as clips from all six films are played with live musical accompaniment from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

There’s also narration tying the scenes together provided by none other than Star Wars veteran Anthony Daniels, who played the quirky robot C-3PO in the series.

The music from Star Wars is surely one of the most famous soundtracks in history, and even if you can’t recall seeing the films, you’ve probably heard it somewhere before! With a live band and choir performing all the big musical numbers against a backdrop of fantastic special effects and epic space battles, it may be a more exciting experience than seeing the films in the cinema the first time around.

Even fans who think they’ve seen it all will find it worth making the trip to London to catch the event, as there’s much more to the show than just the musical performance. Visitors can also attend a memorabilia exhibition to see famous props used in the films, including costumes and original artwork, which sounds like a fantastic opportunity to see some famous cinema history in person!

I certainly wouldn’t say I’m the biggest Star Wars fan, but I became very familiar with the original trilogy as a child thanks to a slightly obsessed friend I had, and seeing the story re-told in this original way – with the Royal Philharmonic no less – sounds like the perfect reason to take a theatre break over the Easter weekend.

Whether you prefer to catch the afternoon show, which starts at 1:30pm, or the evening performances from 6:30, it’s sure to make for an Easter break to remember – may the force be with you!

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