Event Review: Spandau Ballet at The O2 Arena


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Guest review by SuperBreak’s Annette…

Brilliant night at The O2 seeing Spandau Ballet!

Spandau-BalletWe were all dancing in our seats from the start, the atmosphere was fantastic and everyone was out to have a good time.

We all knew the songs too, singing along at the top of our voices and even their new stuff that they slotted in sounded like their original music, so all good there – they have a model that works!

There was some amazing saxophone and guitar solos which showed great skill, and Tony Hadley still has such a great voice. Steve Strange was mentioned too who recently died and also had some films in the background of when they were popular the first time around, and the news around their split – thankfully they (and we) dress a lot better these days!

Are you a fan of Spandau Ballet? What events at The O2 in London have you seen recently? Let us know using the comments box below. 

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