Event Review: Monty Python at The O2, London


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It was the most anticipated arena event of 2014, and our David was lucky enough to get himself Monty Python tickets. Read on to find out what he made of this once in a lifetime event…

Monty-PythonNOT ONE of the 15,000 plus adoring fans filling The O2 on Wednesday 2nd July was looking for ‘something completely different.’  They had swarmed in from across the UK, Europe and beyond to see their idols (and Idles) dressed as scarlet-clad cardinals from the Spanish Inquisition (no-one was expecting them) carrying parrot ages, and hiding the scalps beneath the celebrated knotted handkerchiefs which, with the tasteful tank-top and rolled-up trouser-legs, comprises the dress uniform of the Professors Gumby of “My brain hurts!” fame. You no longer see Gumbys on the beaches of Britain, but in practically every other respect the comedy was as up-to-date and as iconoclastic as anything you could expect from Messrs McIntyre, Whitehall or Manford (and several light years ahead of the neckless Izzard).

Yes, the Pythons corpsed a bit and needed the odd prompt (it must be terrifying when, as the performing Python, you are the ONLY person in the arena who does NOT know the next line, indelibly etched as it is in the memory banks of the entire nation). And, as a nation, I personally feel that we owe a huge debt of gratitude to The Pythons, and Pythonesque humour, for puncturing the pomposity (and insanity) of our institutions and more self-aggrandising individuals. My only complaint, in a thoroughly enjoyable evening, was that when I complained about the total lack of cheese the powers that be refused to give me a free argument as compensation.

Did you catch Monty Python live on stage this year? Or perhaps there was another event at The O2 in London you’re dying to tell us about?  Let us know by filling out the comments box below. 

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