Miranda Hart at The O2 Arena


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Last night I took my sister to see Miranda Hart at The O2 Arena – a special treat for her 11th birthday, she’s a devoted Miranda fan to an almost obsessive level. Arriving at the arena, I got the sense that pretty much everyone there was too; it seemed like every other T-shirt had  the iconic phrase ‘Such Fun!’ emblazoned across it.


Now, I like Miranda’s humour – I was a fan of the TV series, and the Radio show before it – but I was a little sceptical that it could translate to the arena stage. But on first gallop you know it works – Miranda’s unique physicality and wry observational wit plays well to a big crowd, and it invites the most infectious laughter well capable of lifting the roof off The O2.

Dancing and singing along, it wasn’t just the laughter that was infectious. Those of us too British to join in had a broad smile plastered on our faces all evening anyway. The last night of a very long tour, the evening was a fond farewell to the road for Miranda; it’s difficult to imagine – given how much she’s adored – that she won’t be doing this again very soon.

For me, the true highlight of the day was London itself – on a gorgeous autumn day, we bustled with the crowds, pushed our way through them to see the gorgeous Tower of London poppies and marvelled at the views from the top of the London Eye. Built before my sister was even born, my first trip on the Eye has been a long time coming – it lived up to and surpassed my every expectation. For about thirty minutes there, I felt like the 11 year-old!


Miranda’s lasting message though is that we all need to “Jolly up our lives” – to embrace our inner 6 year-old and stop caring so much about what everyone else thinks. And is that such a bad thing? In my experience, no – we could all use a bit more child-like wonder in our lives!

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