Lady Gaga’s artRave Ball at The O2 Arena


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As a big fan of Lady Gaga, SuperBreak’s Natalie couldn’t wait to see the singer-songwriter perform live at The O2 Arena. Read her review of the show right here…


Well, Lady Gaga’s artRave Ball Tour… what an explosion!

I expected this concert to be a little OTT to be honest, and wasn’t disappointed! Her performance left us exhausted, never mind how she must have felt!

If you are planning on going to see Lady Gaga, expect swearing and lots of it – why do I always get them?! I saw Lee Evans at The O2 Arena in October who was also a potty mouth. Back to Lady Gaga… prepare yourself for lots of ranting and costume changes (and these aren’t ordinary costumes… a squid dress, an outfit stacked with chairs, furry wings, glittery catsuits and one multi-coloured effort, she’s got the lot) and she’s also partial to the odd thong or two!


As far as the performance goes she cannot be faulted. Not only can she sing, but she plays the piano and guitar at stages during the show – she’s undeniable talented! But, what really makes the show is her energy, endless dancing and general stage presence. She has everyone absolutely glued to her, and you never know what is coming next, it’s that unpredictability that makes her so entertaining to watch.

Another good thing about Lady Gaga is that she appeals to most audiences. I was there with my 9-year old daughter, mum and aunty and we all really enjoyed it – maybe because she is such an oddball and obviously her music is really popular to all.


She performed 23 songs in total, which were a mixture of her massive chart toppers and early favourites (PokerFace, Paparazzi, Edge of Glory, Bad Romance, Telephone, Born this Way… the list could go on!) and some of her new material. I personally I still prefer her bigger most popular tracks, but it was good to hear some new stuff as well.

You will certainly find it an experience if you do get chance to see the crazy one that is Lady Gaga perform live on stage.

Have you seen Lady Gaga perform live too? Or perhaps you’ve got tickets to see an upcoming event at The O2 Arena? Let us know below!

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