Event Review: Ed Sheeran at The O2 Arena in London


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SuperBreaker, David Thomas is here to tell why his recent visit to see Ed Sheeran perform live at The O2 Arena in London is a night he won’t forget in a hurry…


London’s O2 Arena is the most successful venue on the planet and nothing sums up the secret of its success better than Ed Sheeran’s final gig.

The concert was a sell-out. The mosh-pit and the hospitality suites alike were rammed.  The arena was as full as an egg. And for two hours one man had every corner totally hooked to every line and look.

Sheeran knows how to work a hall. But when it comes to The O2, or rather, when he comes to The O2, it is like he is playing two instruments at once – the guitar and the audience. And with The O2 it is the “range” of that second instrument, the audience, that makes the event so special.

So, I go to greet a guest, show him to his seat. He is in his mid-sixties, and very pleasant, but insists on making his own way. “I know where I’m sitting, thank you. I come here a lot.” He heads off to his “usual” seat (he likes to be closest to the stage so he can focus totally on the acts) and this includes mouthing EVERY line from EVERY song interspersed with smiles and sighs of pure joy.

Behind him, other customers are holding hands, or dancing, exchanging comments and jokes between numbers. But, of course we all drop everything when Ed calls for some crowd participation. And when it comes to the big finale, we are all up on our feet for “A Team.” The second best version I have ever heard (the best of course having been recorded by my daughter Chloe Leigh who is dancing along with me and a couple of her friends).

This week, The O2 have announced the WWE programme. That’s American wrestling if you didn’t know, and I predict some of the customers will book and see the same event at least twice. From their “usual” seats of course.

Have you been lucky enough to see an event at the O2 Arena in London? Let us know by filling out the comments box below. 

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