David Hockney ‘A Bigger Picture’


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Posted by Kirstie

Last weekend saw Bradford-born Yorkshire artist David Hockney’s latest exhibition ‘A Bigger Picture’ open at the Royal Academy in London. This much-awaited exhibition focuses on Hockney’s long term dedication to landscape painting, and features exciting new representations of the East Yorkshire countryside. If you’re planning any London breaks  soon then this exhibition is a must-see.

east yorkshire landscape

Proving that he still knows how to move with the times in spite of his enviably long career, 74 year old Hockney embraces the medium of the iPad in ‘A Bigger Picture’, presenting around 50 drawings created using the ‘Brushes’ App. Of Apple’s hit gadget Hockney said ‘The more I got into the iPad, the more I realised what a fantastic medium it is for landscape. There are certain things that you can do very, very quickly using it.’ In his series of digital drawings Hockney aimed to capture the short lived moments between the seasons, and the mobile nature and the versatility of the iPad allowed him to do so.

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Here at Superbreak Towers we’re hugely proud that a local-born artist and his depictions of the surroundings that we know and love are achieving such great recognition thanks to this new London exhibition. If you’re planning a short break and are hoping to go and see Hockney’s magnificent new works for yourself, exhibition tickets are on sale from the Royal Academy from now until 9April. To help you plan your trip we’ve got a great range of London rail packages to help save you money and make planning your getaway a little easier.

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If you’re inspired by Hockney’s love of landscape then we’ve also got a wide choice of East Yorkshire Hotels that will make an excellent base for you to get out and explore the countryside scenery for yourself. Grab a sketchbook (or an iPad!) and see what visual delights you can discover.

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