Jack Whitehall at The O2 Arena London


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Our theatre guru, David took a break from his usual London shows last week and opted for a bit of comedy at the Jack Whitehall Gets Around stand-up tour. Visiting The London O2 Arena with his daughter in tow, David gives us the low-down on Jack’s live performance…


Take it from me, Jack Whitehall live is a very different animal from the Jack Whitehall that you know and love from the TV and radio. Bolder, is one way of putting it. Out-and-out jaw-dropping, eyebrow-skying, toe-curling, cheek-flushing down-and-downright-dirty would be another. Fortunately the age advisory was 16 and over, but Jack’s own particular brand of cross-generational comedy made for occasional throat-clearing from yours truly as I had rather naively brought my 18 year-old daughter and her boyfriend with me. Oh yes, and another friend of hers who was unfortunately called Lucy (Lucy with a “y” is one of Jack’s funniest sketches).

It was a GREAT night for both generations, and Jack should get a Knighthood in the New Year’s Honours (or at least a packet of Rolos) for playing his arena dates “in the round” so that every member of The London O2 Arena audience got a fantastic view. ALL stand-ups playing arena dates should be compelled to follow suit (and send Jack a packet of Rolos for leading the way).

Jack Whitehall’s parents very kindly posing for a pic with our theatre guru’s daughter!

Now at this point I would normally give a bit more in depth description of Jack’s material, but then you would have to be over 16 to read it. So you will just have to go and see Jack on his next tour. And take my word for it that this investment in mirth will be worth every penny. The next day my daughter and I met Jack’s Mum and Dad in the pub before the first night of Blithe Spirit, and then later at the post-show party. Here Michael Whitehall recollected sitting on a wrecking ball for two hours (á la Miley Cyrus) as part of the two alternative entrances Jack had suggested for his old man. And then I was compelled to photograph my daughter with the Whitehall’s (which apparently is cool in some circles).

On parting, I asked where we would all be meeting up the next day? (This being the second day in a row we had been in the same place). “Nowhere.” Mrs Whitehall replied. “Tomorrow is beans on toast at home.”

Are you a fan of stand-up comedy? Which comedy events at The O2 Arena have you seen live, and how do you rate comedian Jack Whitehall? Reveal all using our comments box below.


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