British Supercross Championships comes to the O2


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If you’re a fan of extreme sports and looking for a high-octane event this winter, you could be in luck. Saturday sees the long-awaited return of the British Supercross Championships at the O2 – an event that’s sure to get your pulse racing!

While I’ve never been a big fan of spectator sports, I have to admit there’s something alluring about extreme sports like dirt bike racing. Maybe it’s the bravery it takes, or the skill required to carry out those manoeuvres, or maybe it’s the morbid fascination with what might happen if they fell off their bikes…

This weekend’s event in London is the grand final, and the most highly skilled of the world’s off-road racers will be going head-to-head. It’s set to be a record-breaking event too. And when an event is held at the prestigious O2 Arena in London Docklands, you just know it’s going to be big, loud and a night to remember.

Personally, I’d be fascinated to see how they’re going to transform the O2 from a concert venue into a fully functional dirt obstacle course, which is said to feature 40 jumps that are designed to challenge all types of rider. With intriguing names like “whoop-de-doos,” “triples,” “table tops,” “rhythm sections” and “high-banked berms,” I truly have no idea what these obstacles involve, but it sure sounds like it might be quite fun to find out.

This year’s British Supercross Championships takes place on Saturday 30 January starting at 6PM, and is the most prestigious and exciting motorcycle event on the calendar. Of course, the indoor location means there’s no chance of it getting called off due to foul weather. It also means you’ve got no excuse for watching it in the safety of your home – so get down to the O2 and enjoy the best indoor racing action you’re ever likely to see!

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